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  1. mini2nut

    “New” Quad Motor R1T pricing is crazy and not sustainable (even if Cybertruck priced higher than original reveal price estimate)

    I own a $75k “pre-price hike” 2022 R1T and hold a second reservation “just in case” (not pre-price hike) and was invited to The Shop today. The $90k plus pricing for a Quad Motor R1T is crazy. I never would have considered purchasing a R1T at the new price point. I simply don’t see this price...
  2. mini2nut

    VW, Rivian, Nissan, BMW lose access to US EV tax credits

    Goodbye Rivian $7500 tax credit… https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/vw-rivian-nissan-bmw-lose-access-us-ev-tax-credits-2023-04-17/
  3. mini2nut

    R1T Configurator: $3,850 “All Terrain Upgrade” option

    I was playing around today on the Rivian configurator. They continue to streamline option choices to help with production efficiencies. The $3,850 “All Terrain Upgrade” includes 20" All-Terrain wheels, underbody protection and a matching spare tire. Add another $1k if you want the 20” darks.
  4. mini2nut

    Is this really necessary? Overpriced touch up paint pen from Rivian

    I just received my overpriced touch up paint pen from Rivian. As small companies grow they tend to lose touch. My paint pen is a great example. Rivian promotes itself as a green company yet they shipped the paint pen in a large 12” x 8” x 4” cardboard box. It‘s a great example of the left hand...
  5. mini2nut

    Powered tonneau replacement prediction (it’s not positive)

    I can already see the carefully crafted e-mail coming from Tony regarding the “no charge“ redesigned powered tonneau cover. This change in policy will be error #2 for Rivian after the price hike fiasco last year. I see Rivian backtracking on the redesigned powered tonneau cover for owners who...
  6. mini2nut

    California SNAPPLATE ******SOLD******

  7. mini2nut

    Misaligned R1T panel alignments resolved by Service Center

    Yes, I am a bit anal retentive. The first thing I notice on a new vehicle is body panel alignment. Are the panel gaps tight and even? Are body panels flush with each other? Are body panels aligned, etc. I consider Porsche and Audi the top two companies to have near perfect body panel fitment...
  8. mini2nut

    Visited my local CarMax today

    Hello all. Out of curiosity I decided to swing by my local CarFax store today for an appraisal. I caught them at a slow time of day and was in and out in 30 minutes. The offer was actually higher than I expected. For reference my 2022 R1T has 570 miles on the odometer, 20” dark wheels and no...
  9. mini2nut

    Handy table to determine 12v battery health

    I thought I would share this handy internet table for fellow R1T owners; The voltage of a 12v battery is a good way to determine the state of charge. Here's a handy table with the breakdown: State of Charge Voltage 100%: = 12.7 - 13.2v 75% = 12.4v 50% = 12.2v 25% = 12.0v Discharged = 0 -...
  10. mini2nut

    R1T “vampire” battery drain concerns. Is this normal?

    I have owned my R1T for a month. I decided to actually document the battery drain during a 24 hour period after charging to 85%. I was a bit shocked to discover that the truck lost 7 miles/2% of the battery charge in a tad over 24 hours. Truck was parked outside with overnight temps in the 50’s...
  11. mini2nut

    CAT/Kratos/Badland 3-ton floor jacks & $300 Harbor Freight Badland model

    After experiencing my old 1.5 floor jack struggle to pickup the corner of my R1T to change a tire I decided its time to upgrade. I have been cross shopping 3-ton floor jacks recently. I was considering the $400 3-ton CAT and the $600 Pro Eagle Kratos and then stumbled across the $300 Harbor...
  12. mini2nut

    No new color/price increase for 2023 model year?

    I was pretty confident that Rivian would add a new color and increase the MSRP for 2023. I guess they don’t want a customer revolt resulting in a ton of cancellations over a price hike. Keeping pre-March 2022 reservation holders happy appears to a priority. I will be curious to see what happens...
  13. mini2nut

    California Swap found (delete)

    Swap found, please delete.
  14. mini2nut

    My 2nd R1T modification - display screen protection

    After I received my truck back from my PPF installer I decided to install my 2nd modification. It was was a fairly easy one that required some patience and meticulous preparation. I elected to go with Abstract Ocean’s screen protection in a matte finish to avoid nasty fingerprints. I did a lot...
  15. mini2nut

    My 1st R1T modification - front PPF (XPEL Ultimate Fusion Film) & window tint

    I had my R1T for almost a week now. My 1st modification? Having XPEL Ultimate Fusion applied to the front end of the vehicle. It’s a fairly new film from XPEL that includes a hydrophobic top coat. “ULTIMATE FUSION is an optically clear, high gloss, self-healing film that protects vehicles from...
  16. mini2nut

    OK Audiophiles - Any tips on tweaking EQ settings?

    I love music but I am not an audiophile individual. A photo of your "Custom EQ Setting" screen would be appreciated. Thanks...
  17. mini2nut

    2022 R1T (GW/OC) delivered today. Truck and Rivian exceeded expectations

    Well, It’s official. As the owners of a Tesla and Rivian we are now a 2 BEV family. Our Tacoma pickup (sold in April) and Audi S3 (sold in February 2021) are now history. After nearly 2-years and many changes to my R1T configuration I finally took delivery this afternoon. The vehicle had 16...
  18. mini2nut

    2023 Rivian R1T/S price hike coming?

    I predict Rivian will have a price increase for 2023 R1 vehicles. I predict current reservations will be impacted and a Tony will be sending out an e-mail soon. Your thoughts? Did they learn a price increase lesson earlier in the year when they had tons of cancellations? Bottom line? Rivian...
  19. mini2nut

    Resale pricing are starting to dip

    I noticed used R1T pricing has started to trend down. I see the same thing happening to Ford Lightning pickups. I think the rising interest rates, inflation and stock market volatility have thrown some shade on the used car market.
  20. mini2nut

    Anybody else delaying their purchase for a 2023?

    Hello all. I received contact from my Guide last week stating that they matched my R1T configuration and to get ready to start the 8-step purchase process. It sounded like the truck was already built and awaiting shipment. With only 10-weeks remaining in the year I decided to delay my purchase...