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  1. moosehead

    Creaking sound when waking up?

    Anytime I wake up the wife she makes unbearably loud creaking sounds. To be accurate, more like shrieks than creaks.
  2. moosehead

    Would you give up the pending powered tonneau cover for the manual if it's an option

    Oh, please, oh, please ReTrax make a roller manual version that somehow magically fits into the existing slat storage area. I’d overpay handsomely for it. My ReTrax roller tonneau works flawlessly after 9 years on a full size pickup that sits outside, drives a ton of dirt and dusty roads, and...
  3. moosehead

    Would you give up the pending powered tonneau cover for the manual if it's an option

    Can Rivian show us the replacement powered tonneau first, please, for the love of gawd? Seem to recall the 5 second striptease video from months back, and that RJ announced a "summer" update for both manual and powered. It's like RJ is reporting to Tony or something for comms. At this point...
  4. moosehead

    DIY Tonneau Repairs? Anyone try to do this yet?

    Huge thanks to @Lil'O Annie for showing us the way. I wanted to add my few observations and pics after the rather painful DIY teardown. It’s doable but tedious as described above. My brief conclusion is this is a FUBAR tonneau execution and was recreating the wheel needlessly as my manual...
  5. moosehead

    Joke Thread // Add as you like

    Who took more balls to the chin in their pro careers? A. Babe Ruth B. Mickey Mantle C. Hank Aaron D. Lauren Boebert
  6. moosehead

    Best stereo sound settings -- post yours!

    When I’m put in the doghouse for very good reason(s), this is what it sounds like In my house.
  7. moosehead

    Rivian won't sell me a truck due to my middle name. WTF.

    @Quick Thread title leads me to believe that your middle name is WTF? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  8. moosehead

    Colorado Checking In

  9. moosehead

    Do you think EVs are eventually going to hurt exotic car brands?

    While I fully appreciate the altruistic rationale and quiet of the EV's, it's the performance that won over this V8 loving child of the muscle car era. I appreciated the visceral appeal of both the audible and smell based sensory overload of ICE rigs, and spent too much money investing in...
  10. moosehead

    Canyonlands/Moab White Rim Road Trip Report and 5k mi R1T Review

    Superb report and commentary. YMMV as well as your hike out. Moab should have been a RAN priority perfectly aligned with the brand and mission.
  11. moosehead

    Alas, the gift of a door ding... PDR questions

    Glad to hear you have access there. PDR is really effective when back of dinged panel is reachable. I am told PDR for aluminum is way more difficult than steel as Alu lacks rebound properties. I have a tailgate ding in the R1T but after pulling the interior panels there is another Alu layer...
  12. moosehead

    Update 2023.34.0 -- Improved Handling & Ride Comfort, Phone Call Steering Wheel Functions, Set Speed for ACC / HWA, 25% Better Sleep Range Loss

    Screen Clean? Does Gary jump out of the dash and use his hairy arse as a duster? Welp, at least that would stop the kids from eating Cheetos in the Rivian.
  13. moosehead

    Center Dash // Redesign Display Discussion

    Bump to continue this discussion as the struggle is real. I'm about to go crosseyed just seeking the time of day and outside temps, and have completely given up trying to find a trip odometer which somehow has gotten further buried in the center screen depths of hell. ABRP integration is now...
  14. moosehead

    Colorado Checking In

  15. moosehead

    Is the Model X now a better buy over R1S? (WARNING: NO ELON MUSK DISCUSSIONS)

    Welp, putting Musk aside, if you also overlook the lesser fit and finish, homogeneous design, lack of OR ability and clearance, overtly overstated range, and garage banging gullwing doors, then sure go ahead and get the X.
  16. moosehead

    Colorado Checking In

  17. moosehead

    First Rivian (probably and EV) hater encounter

    I love how a year ago it was “what the hell is that?!, and today it’s all ”do you love your Rivian?!”
  18. moosehead

    I just read where RJ was critiquing people who purchase gasoline vehicles.

    Imma sorry for melting all those ICE snowflakes. Signed, former V8 lover