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  1. TDWRT1

    Southeast delivery window tracking: per the emails we (should have) all received.

    Just wanted to see how other pre-order folks in the Southeast are looking. Mostly because RJ stated that your delivery location would impact your delivery window (among many other factors.) I felt like being the Southeast might not be a good thing, but in reading the various post, maybe not...
  2. TDWRT1

    Just touched Down in Bloomington-Normal...

    Visiting the in-laws for Thanksgiving in Bloomington. I hope to post my "spy shots" from around town on this thread. Got to work (remotely) tomorrow and Tuesday, but will be going out to lunch. Wish me luck.
  3. TDWRT1

    Short Video on Rivian's Impact on Normal, IL from NBC News

    A pure feel-good piece replete with multiple "normal" jokes :rolleyes:, but still pretty cool. Especially for those of us with connections to the area. https://www.nbc.com/today/video/how-production-of-an-all-electric-pickup-truck-is-revitalizing-a-midwest-college-town/127397918
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    Rivian Blue R1T spotted in Blo-No

    Buddy shot these this AM. Somewhere in downtown Bloomington, IL (sister city to Normal). No intel on plates, but probably an employee given the location.
  5. TDWRT1

    R1T in the wild? (Not sure)

    A buddy back in Normal sent me this photo. It seems like it is an R1T in the wild, parked near the ISU campus with a Redbird sticker on it.
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    Fastest Color Combos for Delivery (It ain't Compass Yellow) ;)

    So I was cruising Reddit Rivian forum and stumbled across this little nugget from a Youtuber (SnazzyLabs) that was invited to the Colorado press event. If correct, it seems to indicate that your configuration colors MAY impact your delivery timeline. "I was told the blue exterior and black...
  7. TDWRT1

    ICE Dealers and their Lobbyist Will keep Rivian Sales & Service out of the Carolinas

    Pge 139 from the IPO S-1 that dropped tonight. I LOVE the Carolinas, but Gawd Damn we suck so bad some times. **** By contrast, 28 states restrict our ability to obtain a dealer license to sell within those states. Such states are Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa...
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    An Interesting Factory Shot - If You Like Rivian Blue

    Got this from a friend back in BloNo. Who got it from a friend..... ;)
  9. TDWRT1

    WJBC (Local Radio Station near Normal) Gets a Peek at the Rivian Factory

    Yeah, first day on this forum, so apologies if this got post somewhere else already. Still learning the protocols. Here is a link to a story with some pictures from a local radio station - WJBC. Most of it focuses on the job creation that is occurring in the area. As a kid who grew up in...
  10. TDWRT1

    Introduction - Normal, IL - Full Circle for an R1T Reservation Holder

    Hi All, New member today. Until now, been hanging out on the other Rivian forums. Kinda slow over there. I just wanted to say "hi" and share a quick story. Moved to Normal, Il in the late 70's as a young kid. Rode my bike everywhere and had a pretty uneventful upbringing. Went to grade...