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  1. New Jersey 2022 R1T - $72k -Adventure Quad Motor - Limestone - 21" Wheels - Power Tonneau - Full Size Spare - Meridian - 12V Sockets - Wood Trim

    I am selling my less than 1 year old 2022 Rivian R1T with 12,250 miles. I am the original owner. The car is an Adventure trim with Quad Motors and is painted the gorgeous Limestone color. The interior is Black Mountain and has black wood trim throughout (including the areas on the back of the...
  2. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Did you get the latest update yet? If not, then that's just crappy timing because the update is supposed to fix this.
  3. "Hold" Has Become Sloppy? Rolling a bit now

    I certainly noticed this as well. I roll back at a light by my house now. This was never an issue in the past. Its not a big deal, but it messes with how your brain has been calibrated to drive the vehicle.
  4. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Has it been confirmed it's the batteries themselves and not software? If not, then won't the same happen with replacement batteries?
  5. Does your flashlight work?

    Mine came dead from the factory but they replaced it.
  6. Is the ‘low speed tock’ still a thing?

    I had mobile service and a visit to the service center to address this. Mobile service claimed to have resolved it, but it was literally back within hours. When I took it into the SC, they actually made the sound go away for the most part. Its still there, but not nearly as noisy. My bigger...
  7. R1T 12v batteries dead

    I'm guessing the cost of towing is probably getting too out of hand to do towing both ways. They don't seem to have an issue paying for Ubers all the way. But it's not a big deal for me since Ubers have no issue driving me from north central NJ to Brooklyn. I can see people having difficulty...
  8. Truck is now bricked due to 12v battery issue [updated title]

    I agree about never installing an update on the road. My concern is this happened to me a few weeks after. I agree it could be unrelated to an update, but if it's a situation where the problems arise weeks later that's scary.
  9. Truck is now bricked due to 12v battery issue [updated title]

    Have they sorted this out to be a software issue yet ? Mine experienced the exact same issue last week. We went to an event at the school for the kids. Came out and the truck wouldn't go into reverse or drive. Went through all the usual trouble shooting but that just caused the truck to go...
  10. R1T 12v batteries dead

    It's amazing they are saying "one time". If it happens again in a few months they better replace it again for free. There's clearly some bug. Hopefully it's solvable with software. I don't think we are getting the full picture from Rivian. Too many people having this in too short a window. I'm...
  11. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Were they able to provide a root cause? I'm wondering if it's the same as what they told me.
  12. R1T unresponsive

    What's your vin? I keep seeing 11xxx
  13. R1T unresponsive

    What was your car's diagnosis? I just posted the below in another thread. I'm really curious as its way too coincidental that all these people had issues at the same time. Many of which with similar vin's. Add me to the list. I have a 11xxx R1T. Monday night the car would not go into drive or...
  14. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Add me to the list. I have a 11xxx R1T. Monday night the car would not go into drive or reverse. After a half hour the lights all flickered and then the truck fully died. Luckily we were able to get in before it all went down, but the gear tunnel was inaccessible. I called in to Rivian support...
  15. Mounting a cell phone. Has anyone done it?

    I also used the riviparts mount. Since I have an android, magsafe isn't an option so I needed a different wireless charging option. After some trial and error I found the "joyroom" (https://a.co/d/2wNA8de) auto clamping wireless mount. It sits high enough to not interfere with any controls. Some...
  16. North East roll call

    Yup I'm in Gillette!