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  1. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Jumpstart wouldn’t work from the wiring loom in the tow hitch. Both batteries were dead and wouldn’t take new charge. The tow company tried too to no avail so they had to drag the truck after usin a tool to unlock the driver door.
  2. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Ouch, died a 2nd time post 12v batteries replacement? That blows. I also have a bit of a lingering concern each time I park the truck… Hopefully they are investigating and figuring out a solution as the sample is now rather large it seems
  3. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Li-Ion have better management systems but are not faultless ie they can die too and are very expensive to replace so key to maintain them with a tender if not driven often. Rivian has an issue whereas 12v systems seem to drain quickly during the update process but no efficient way to...
  4. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Unlikely, update process seems to drain the batteries. Truck drove fine post for me but then died overnight. I am not sure if plugging in the truck helps as tow guy told me they had picked one up that was plugged in and also bricked. Good luck with getting it fixed quickly, SCs must have plenty...
  5. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Agree they need to improve on the service side. They might be overwhelmed by the ramp up given the 1+ month lead-time to get an appointment. Not the customer problem but given deliveries and teething issues... You raise an item on the app, they call you but nothing gets decided until it gets to...
  6. R1T 12v batteries dead

    It is a great truck but you do have to make allowance for them being a new company and you doing some beta testing. I was pretty relaxed about it but if it is your only vehicle, clearly not so good. I am not too worried about the one time goodwill as such, if it does happen again, given the...
  7. R1T 12v batteries dead

    I know, that cracked me up, 6 month old, 3k miles, bricked truck yet it is good will, fun times!
  8. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Thank you, sorry to hear about a week of pain for a software glitch. This is actually sounding familiar to what they had diagnosed on mine back in late Jan. At the time I did a reset and went away. AT next SC visit, they told me it was a software bug... As for the work they did this time, see...
  9. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Finally got an update from SC. Truck has been revived, 12v batteries replaced. They are investigating root cause further and will update again tomorrow. Truck has been there for 1 week but they started working on it seemingly today
  10. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Same towing company, guy told me he had the contract for the tri-state area. Agreed they were clued up and knew what to do. Spoke to SC yesterday, they had done nothing for 4 days. Only way to get hold of them is to call via support, apparently they have only 2 SAs in Brooklyn… On Monday, I am...
  11. R1S vs BMW iX vs Mercedes EQS

    We picked up our iX last May, it is a great car. Wife loves it, range is excellent, easy 325 mls at normal highway speed in decent weather. Fit and finish really good and super quiet. I like our R1T but on road manners are in a class or 2 below vs iX. Lastly, iX has been faultless, no vampire...
  12. R1T 12v batteries dead

    $250/day. Might ask for more if needed as they have already saved 3 days and really not looking at at the truck for 3 days is not good
  13. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Update on my side. Called support to get an update as they have had the truck since Monday pm and hadn't heard anything (annoying they don't have a number for the SC and one has to call the main support line) They still haven't done anything with it after 3 days. Didn't really need a rental but...
  14. New Jersey FS/FT: 22” Sport Bright Wheels, Tires, TPMS - $2699

    3 questions if I may: 1. How many miles on the tires? 2. Any wheel balancing issue(got my 20s re-balanced and alignment checks at last SC visit) 3. Still available? Thank you
  15. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Did you also have a dead R1T? Interesting they swapped it via mobile service as I was specifically told they had to further investigate why they died in the first place hence towing to service center. Clearly would have much preferred a fix at home too.
  16. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Good to know and interesting, thank you. I had no issue with my 2018 Model S for 3 years maybe I got lucky, clearly not the case w the R1T:mad: We are on our 2nd M3 and equally no issue on that front but by no mean I am saying Tesla is fault free
  17. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Good Q and asked the same. This is what I got from mobile guy (top guy, he even did the seatbelt recall at a charger last week when I bumped into him!): Simply jumping it won't help. The truck would likely have to go in even if I could recharge/replace the low voltage batteries. They'll need to...
  18. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Brooklyn. The SC called to confirm when the car got there (so did the tow company, theses guys were solid). Had to pu skid pads under rear wheels to drag onto flatbed. They had 2 more bricked R1Ts to pick up in NJ today by the time they got to me. SC said it would take a couple fo days to...
  19. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Sorry to hear, sadly there is company in misery. Think it is better if unlocked, mine was locked so the tow guy had to use inflatable cushion to squeeze a road through the top of the door fame to open the door... He told me they were the only company with the Rivian contract in the Tri-state...
  20. R1T 12v batteries dead

    Had a couple of instances over the past 6 months of system fault detected/service 12v battery system. It was looked at end of Jan during a service center visit, see below. Concern:- The owner states he got a Service Battery Immediately message after starting the truck Cause:- Known firmware...