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  1. lmr

    Oregon Registration

    They told me the same thing when I asked about getting a non-standard plate, that I would have to wait till the standard plates arrive then order what I wanted as they do not process non-standard plate requests.
  2. lmr

    Electrify America claims their CCS chargers are incompatible with Rivian

    It's an EA app problem. As soon as the user selects the Rivian vehicle as a filter in the app, the CCS filter option gets greyed out and the user is forced to only filter on Level 2 chargers, despite the fact that Rivian is a CCS vehicle currently. Contact EA and report the issue, or just...
  3. lmr

    Meet up with the Rivian team near Portland Saturday 6/24

    I'm scheduled to pickup my El Cap R1S the day before, and would love to attend. There would be two of us.
  4. lmr

    Does the frunk of your Rivian get hot to the touch? Or is this my first problem.

    The cooling radiators for the battery/electronics is in the front space surrounding the frunk, so yes it is pretty normal that that area will get quite warm.
  5. lmr

    Rivian dual-motor powertrain completing validation in Alaska (video)

    Knowing where they are testing these in Alaska, I can definitely assure you there are plenty of huge moose, and generally caribou too, all around this spot.
  6. lmr

    Possibly some activity in Portland

    I drove by there on Monday, noticed they had the level 2 and DCFCs installed already on the outside. They still need to clean the outside of the building and get it painted the Rivian black and white colors, but it is certainly coming along!
  7. lmr

    Did Rivian Stop Building/Deploying DC Fast Chargers?

    You beat me to this post by mere seconds! :cool: Rivian also mentioned that they will be participating in the federal infrastructure funds allotted for building out new EV chargers, starting in 2024, so that will feed them additional funding just for DCFCs. That doesn't help them navigate the...
  8. lmr

    ABRP not showing many chargers on trip plan?

    Looking at Cheyenne, WY on Plugshare specifically, I can see two locations with CCS charging, the rest are either J1772 or Nema 14-50 in the case of an RV resort. One CCS is a Chargepoint, located at a Harley Davidson, which is showing as Under Repair and the other one at Target, which is an...
  9. lmr

    Possibly some activity in Portland

    With the size of that parking lot, I am guessing they won't be storing any vehicles at this location, outside of ones being immediately delivered or serviced.
  10. lmr

    R1T vs Articulation Ramp

    Car and Driver did a report and video on the Rivian suspension about a year ago, including measuring it's Ramp travel index: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a39440064/rivian-r1t-suspension-tested/
  11. lmr

    Material used for interior flooring?

    Chilewich! https://www.chilewich.com/contract/rivian
  12. lmr

    What is up w/service lead time?

    Washington only has one Service Center currently. There are two more in the works though, one specifically for servicing EDVs and the other for consumer vehicles. When these two will be online however, is anyone's guess. Portland has two temporary Service Centers, neither of which is of...
  13. lmr

    Max Pack no longer Available with Quad-Motors?!

    First time on the configurator, probably. But Rivian sent out information about this change in December, and emailed Max pack holders about the change. Here is a previous thread on it...
  14. lmr

    Happy Valley RAN Station Status?

    According to approved permit site plan, there is an EV Trailer pull through spot planned at this location:
  15. lmr

    Happy Valley RAN Station Status?

    I went by the supposed location a couple months ago and could not find any noticeable activity, but when I did my R1S First Mile on February 3rd the guide said that the site was DCFC cabinet ready, but I have not had time to go over there and confirm that though.
  16. lmr

    driver displays shutdown while driving

    The compute assemblies on these vehicles are liquid cooled, so the valve they replaced was likely the one leading to or away from one of these units, also the screens in the R1's are powered by the 12v system not the main vehicle battery pack, so the status of the main battery should not affect...
  17. lmr

    I've given up

    I'm honestly fine with being pushed back, I was going to delay my delivery until the Portland SC was up and running anyway as I don't want the chance that if my vehicle needs a major repair that it could be shipped 180 miles to Bellevue, if it can't be repaired in Portland's two temp SCs.
  18. lmr

    I've given up

    Bellevue SC is slammed currently, I would not be surprised if Rivian is delaying deliveries in the Washington area until they can either build out more capacity in the existing SC or bring the other two (one for EDVs and a second consumer SC) Seattle area SCs online. The Portland, OR SC is also...
  19. lmr

    CarPlay discussion with Rivian CS: company is working with Apple and it's a priority

    We do know that AT&T is the provider, who also provides in-car WiFi for a few dozen other manufactures including Jeep, Audi, Porsche, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Land Rover, Subaru and many others. Looking at the plans that AT&T or these manufacturers list on their websites, it looks like a charge of...
  20. lmr

    CarPlay discussion with Rivian CS: company is working with Apple and it's a priority

    Only question I have is, if CP/AA is actually implemented will battery preconditioning still be tied to Rivian's onboard navigation? How would preconditioning work if using a navigation app within CP/AA?