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  1. Rivdog

    Apocalypse Nirvana Rivian R1T 🫣

    Of course it’s made in Florida.
  2. Rivdog

    Do you always carry keyfob or just keycard?

    PaaK is all I use. I also keep a keycard hidden in a secured place within the truck I highly, highly doubt anyone would look. PaaK has failed me on a few times as far as being able to drive the vehicle even though it unlocks the doors, gear tunnel, etc. I don’t carry a wallet, keys, or anything...
  3. Rivdog

    Outrageous Insurance Offer 36% mark up

    Amica raised mine by about 50% on my first renewal back in May. Very high credit score, no claims, no anything. Am switching back to Liberty Mutual which will cost like 1/3 of what I’m paying now. Insurance companies do crazy stuff sometimes.
  4. Rivdog

    Ride Height Warning

    Did this happen upon startup before you left your driveway/parking spot? I’ve only seen it happen then, never while driving.
  5. Rivdog

    What's a good price?

    Go look at the 3rd party sites and see what looks closest to yours. Remember that some charge a buyer’s fee rather than a seller’s fee though. Probably low 70’s would be my guess, especially with how high interest rates have gotten in the past 10 months.
  6. Rivdog

    Are there any products you need for the Rivian and nobody made yet?

    One is sort of available from a 3rd party but doesn’t lock into the dock. The OEM one is in development but who knows how long that will take or whether it will be a reasonable price. More options would be great.
  7. Rivdog

    Dual Motor vs Quad Motor real world range

    Thats about 244 which is absolutely exceptional. I was only getting about 1.6 in my MME in the winter. I usually don’t get more than about 2.4 even in ideal conditions with my Rivian, but I probably drive it a little harder than I should. I’d be ecstatic if I was getting 1.9 consistently in the...
  8. Rivdog

    Dual Motor vs Quad Motor real world range

    That would be a major breakthrough. 300+ miles is enough for most people, but that drops about 40% in the winter in my experience. My Mach E was rated for 211 miles and could usually get close to that in the summer. I could have lived with just 200 but it could sometimes get as low as only about...
  9. Rivdog

    232mi for the Silverado EV in TFL's towing range test.

    Very impressive result. The range of EV’s has come so far in recent years…my first Mustang Mach E was rated for 211 which was fine at the time - in 2021! Getting 30+ more miles while towing with a work truck variant is pretty sweet and shows the potential for long-range EV’s becoming more realistic.
  10. Rivdog

    Free data ending soon?

    Looks better for shareholders and other potential investors to be able to say “we have $XXXX of recurring income every month with XXXX paid subscriber base that is already acquired.”
  11. Rivdog

    Free data ending soon?

    No kidding? I never owned a Tesla and didn’t realize it was so cheap! The legacy manufacturers typically charge as little as $15 per month but up to $25 depending on whether you already have service with AT&T. If not, it seems that you usually have to pay $25 month to month or you can prepay six...
  12. Rivdog

    Free data ending soon?

    About $100 per year would be very cheap relative to the competition. I was expecting somewhere around $15 per month.
  13. Rivdog

    Guess the estimate for this accident collision repair?

    I dinged my driver’s door and it’s $6,000 to fix (my fault). Had a ding on the passenger front fender that I don’t know the cause and that was $3,500. I assume my insurance is going to go through the roof now. Only had 1 collision claim in about 20 years and now have 2 in the span of 2 months.
  14. Rivdog

    ‘22 Vin from shop assigned - in sept 2023

    Mine was a 2023 built in December 2022, but I agree that it’s pretty close to the start of the year. Not totally sure when it will switch this year, but it was no later than December 2022 for the 2023 builds.
  15. Rivdog

    Disabling phone charger video/instructions?

    I think it’s pretty well established that it won’t charge a phone in a case. Mine was totally worthless, even when my iPhone wasn’t in a case, but I replaced it with an Adventure Mat from Adventure High Tech and its awesome. The Rivian one looks and feels very high quality, it just doesn’t work.
  16. Rivdog

    Bidirectional Mode Module Failure and Service Experience

    I recall many of your helpful posts on the MME forums - you did some great work for us over there. I’d be super angry if my truck was returned to me like that, and I’d also be frustrated with getting anything other than a brand new battery. Apple had a class action lawsuit that resulted in a...
  17. Rivdog

    Rivian Quality - Two Genuine Questions

    I think the build quality has vastly improved over the past 18 months. People have noted that the first several thousand builds were almost hand-made whereas now the factory is much more up to speed with robots, machines, etc. Early 2022s seemed like a pretty mixed bag, but the 2023’s seem to...
  18. Rivdog

    Discovered that R1T Powered Tonneau Available in Gear Shop Early 2024?!

    Sweet find! I’d definitely be tempted if it was a robust design. I suspect that it will be significantly more expensive than the $1,800 manual cover though, so probably out of the price range I’d be willing to pay regardless.
  19. Rivdog

    Slimed by used salesman

    I had a situation like that once and I agreed to take a negative review down - I quickly regretted it because it just increased the chance that some unsuspecting person would get taken advantage of. But good for you for doing what you felt was the right thing in your heart. It’s sucks that there...
  20. Rivdog

    Do you think EVs are eventually going to hurt exotic car brands?

    The electric motors will have to be rated for MUCH higher speeds before that ever becomes a question. The EU’s regulations against emissions and fuel economy, however, is already causing exotics to change their gas engines to smaller sizes. If that continues and the EV motors are able to be...