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  1. mikehmb

    No OTA for tire size changes

    FYI - just got a call from Rivian to follow up on my request(s) to update the tire size on my truck (went from OE 21” to OE 20”). They twice previously told me they’d do an OTA. This call was to let me know that the previous employee was misinformed - presumably then shot and buried in the...
  2. mikehmb

    Rivian R1T tailgate pad installed review: it's a winner (with a caveat)

    *Edit (the caveat): the down tube clips loosen on their own after limited driving, and needs to be addressed. I am demoting this from “a winner” to “a reasonable pad that perfectly fits the truck’s tailgate but with one major flaw” … planning to modify the downtube clips to a simple double-ring...
  3. mikehmb

    California Smittybilt Gen2 Overlander RTT

    Going a different path for my overlanding setup - more to come s00n … Selling my rooftop tent - gray Smittybilt Gen2 Overlander. Used one trip (2 nights). Perfect condition. $1100 Local pickup in bay area only, please.
  4. mikehmb

    Bay Area slider installers?

    Anyone know installers in the bay area with expertise in slider installs on the T? Have the EVSportline delivered, managed to spook myself and lose confidence, so now I have my tail between my legs wondering if I’ll give it a shot tomorrow, or just bail and pay a pro.
  5. mikehmb

    OTA Coming: AC noise/vibration

    My truck started to make similar noises that others have registered their concerns over, when going from hot to cold (cabin >110 degrees, etc). Vibration in the pedal as well. Decided it was annoying enough to put in a ticket on Friday, got a call this morning. She indicated that yes, it’s a...
  6. mikehmb

    CL ads - careful out there, folks

    I was checking to see if my RTT ad was live on CL this morning (it still was) and noticed 3 separate ads for Rivians to transfer their place in line to a new owner. One for “buy a new R1S for list price and take my place in line”, another for $10k to buy their place in line, and can’t recall...
  7. mikehmb

    Speedo accuracy with 20s

    FYI - My truck is configured and programmed for 21s. I swapped 20s with OE tires onto the truck without a reprogramming. The speedo, after the swap, is now dead-on. At 65, after multiple tests in different locations (Sierras, central valley, and all around the bay area) it seems to match...
  8. mikehmb

    Camping at Union Reservoir -- Trip Report

    TL;DR - RANs are faster than my last experience; uphill clobbers range worse than I remember; Utica res is beautiful; selling my rooftent. Took the Long Dog, wife and son (adult-ish daughter opted to stay home, throw a party, and piss off my neighbors) camping to Union Reservoir off Highway 4...
  9. mikehmb

    California Sold: 21” Wheels with OE tires - set of 4 (one sold)

    NOTE: Wheel/tire 3 is sold. Other 4 remain. Can sell as a set or as spares. Set of 5 4 wheels and tires from late MY ‘22 truck. Approx 7k miles on tires 2-5, and maybe 4k on tire 1. Note: no aero covers included. OEM center caps on 4 wheels. Wheel/Tire 1 was a spare with minimal use, no...
  10. mikehmb

    I did a thing

    I finally went for an RTT, and chose the Smittybilt Overlander Gen2 (regular size) since it would fit 3 of us nicely, and fits well enough over the truck bed on the standard racks. I also ordered , but ultimately returned, the Annex. It’s simply too large if you’re mounting the tent over the...
  11. mikehmb

    Phone + Audio

    So - no idea how it took me this long to figure this out, but now that I have, I’m irritated. When taking a call on bluetooth to a headset (not through the Rivian sound system), audio is totally disabled. Is this new? If not new, is it configurable? Because it’s dumb.
  12. mikehmb

    Smittybilt Overland Gen2 question (R1T-specific q)

    Anyone else have one, and figured out a reasonable way to attach the front (rear window), driver’s side rain fly pole? I don’t have 6-jointed arms and there’s only a few inches to the window …
  13. mikehmb

    Disable wall charger status lights?

    I don’t think this is possible, outside of shoving a black trash bag over my charger, but anyone know of a mechanism to disable, mute, or otherwise mellow the status lights on the Wall Charger? It’s immensely bright. My garage door has windows. I am pulsing my entire neighborhood with neon at...
  14. mikehmb

    OE tire pressure for 20”?

    What is the spec for pressure for the 20” OE tires? I just realized they are max 51psi per mfg - thought it was higher.
  15. mikehmb

    FYI: Smittybilt RTT and Annex on sale @ Amazon

    Posting here in case anyone is also in the market and finds this helpful. I’ve been going back and forth between a few options, but needed: 1) Enough space for 3 of us (two smaller people) 2) A place for Tall Dog to sleep nearby 3) An option for a 4th person without pitching a second tent 4)...
  16. mikehmb

    KO2 size question - anyone running 275/60/20s?

    Costco has them for $345/tire right now, and since they’re the same nominal height as the 21” tires (which I’ll be swapping back and forth between depending on season and use), seemed like a reasonable idea. Have to imagine they’ll be lighter, and potentially more efficient, than the 65s...
  17. mikehmb

    Drove off without a key this morning

    Wondering if anyone else has had this happen. I’ve called Service to have them pull the logs, mostly out of curiousity, but also in the event there’s a real bug to chase down. Car sat in garage overnight, unlocked. Key fob is out of range. I go into the car this morning with my phone...
  18. mikehmb

    New Thule Epos bike rack - Rivian featured in ad

    This caught my on PB this morning: https://www.pinkbike.com/news/first-look-thules-new-epos-bike-rack.html The ad doesn’t show the tailgate open, but the fact that they used an R1T gives me the impression they’ve at least sorted out tailgate clearance...
  19. mikehmb

    Went out to put the SUP racks on, ended up polishing the truck instead

    Yay, Father’s Day - the day many of us set out to do small things and turn them into hours-long projects. Like yesterday, when I went out to get the racks and board on the truck in preparation for this morning. Instead, I ended up detailing the truck and applying Klasse glaze. Then this...
  20. mikehmb

    Smeg Kettle test: success

    It’s the little things, but I thought I’d share. Planning on making the switch to full electric for car camping, and the last piece was to test our Smeg kettle. While it is rated at up to 2400W, it performed flawlessly and heated water to near boil for coffee in the standard time it would have...