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  1. CharonPDX

    List of compatible tires (for each Rivian factory wheel diameter)

    Yep. After owning a BMW i3 with its "completely custom to it" tire sizes is exactly why I *didn't* pick the 21" wheels for my R1T.
  2. CharonPDX

    Upcoming Rivian September 2023 software update: Drive Mode and UI Updates

    Yep. The rear motors have a physical disconnect, the front motors don't. The front motors are ALWAYS connected to the wheels. So there is no way for the quad to be RWD solely from software. "Neutral" is really just "allow the motors to spin at the same rate as the wheels are spinning." Only the...
  3. CharonPDX

    Do Not Attempt Southwest Road-trip During Day

    I literally ordered a roof shade less than 24 hours after taking delivery, and I'm not even in a truly hot place. I can't imagine doing Arizona without one. (Having lived in the "temperate" parts of Arizona before.)
  4. CharonPDX

    Tug of War on Pavement: R1T vs F350 Tremor

    The Tremor package adds some weight. The F-350 SRW, SWB, 4x4 is 7,481 lbs *BEFORE* the Tremor package add-on. Rivian's curb weight is 7,148 lbs. (Humorous that the numbers are the same in different order, I had to triple-check I had them right.)
  5. CharonPDX

    Tug of War on Pavement: R1T vs F350 Tremor

    Because it's heavier. Given sufficient tire traction, weight is pretty much the only thing that matters in these tug-of-wars. If the Tremor's tires had been bald or something, it might have lost, but power had very little to do with it. (Above a certain figure, of course. I mean, load up a 2WD...
  6. CharonPDX

    Per Guide: 250KW max charging and streaming services coming soon

    Tesla runs 250kW through CCS out-of-spec in Europe (only Tesla vehicles get 250kW on CCS2 Superchargers, non-Tesla vehicles are capped at 500A.) They run 250kW on 400V-architecture in North America. It could be Rivian preparing for the NACS adapter to allow 250kW on Tesla Superchargers. And on...
  7. CharonPDX

    Rivian Ruins My Uber Rider Rating

    As the driver, roll your window down a fraction when you get in, don't roll it back up until everyone else has closed their door.
  8. CharonPDX

    Took the R1T & new trailer to Fully Charged Live (Vancouver, BC)

    You're pretty much restricted to the "short teardrops" or pop-ups for a normal garage. There *ARE* plenty of those, but those just weren't appealing to us. (We did look at an "A-frame pop-up" before deciding on the NüCamp 400. We do winter camping, and the A-frame pop-ups aren't water-tight...
  9. CharonPDX

    Wow a $41k dent (quoted for bedside replacement). Saved by PDR paintless dent removal repair

    In your case, the scrape on the bumper right below the parking sensor is going to be the complicating factor. If you're fine with leaving that scrape there, PDR will work great on the metal panel. You don't (seem to) have any paint buckling/creasing, so it shouldn't even require a full repaint...
  10. CharonPDX

    Wow a $41k dent (quoted for bedside replacement). Saved by PDR paintless dent removal repair

    Claim is made by the PDR guy - I don't trust that $41k estimate. Yeah, that's a big body piece, but replacing both side panels wouldn't cost more than the full new price of the vehicle.
  11. CharonPDX

    Speed limit signs

    Yep, I've pretty much confirmed "camera based speed limit sign reading" is no longer active. Multiple signs it recognized pre-update it no longer recognizes, under many different lighting conditions.
  12. CharonPDX

    First Pic of Your Rivian

    First pic of my Rivian - I knew it was in the service center yard, so I went to lay eyes on it. There were three in the right exterior color with the right wheels. So one of these pictures: The first picture I have that is definitively my vehicle is my security camera footage of my truck...
  13. CharonPDX

    Took the R1T & new trailer to Fully Charged Live (Vancouver, BC)

    Update: I have fit the T@B in the garage! I was waiting for a trailer caddy to arrive, since the fit through the door is tight enough I wasn't going to dare attempt it by backing it up with my truck. The big bonus of being in the garage is that we won't have to winterize it, so it can be ready...
  14. CharonPDX

    Speed limit signs

    My favorite Mach-E quirk is one stretch of road near me that the speed limit slows from 45 to 35 right before a curve. The Mach-E sees the 35 sign and almost every time decides it actually says 85!!
  15. CharonPDX

    Frunk Heat

    I use an insulated bag in the gear tunnel for things that are temperature sensitive. Frunk is only for canned/boxed/etc goods.
  16. CharonPDX

    Take those ugly (wheel aero covers) things off !!! Less than 1% diff.

    It's not Rivian testing. Therefore the 1% doesn't apply. Multiple people have done their own testing and reported a 5% difference; just not "scientifically rigorous" testing. You can't stand wheels with aerocaps, don't put them on. Some other people like the look of them. That's their...
  17. CharonPDX

    How has the 2023.34.0 Update changed the ride of your Rivian? [Vote in poll]

    It isn't the same - but it is neither better nor worse. It has changed in both ways. In some instances, the ride smooths out bumps better; in others it is now worse. It balances out, but it is a little of both.
  18. CharonPDX

    Ham Radio Install?

    If I see them again. But that would be posting someone else's private information, so I won't post it here. (Since you can find someone's name and address form their call sign.) If the Rivian R1T with HAM plates in Portland owner is on the forum, I'm sure they'll chime in. :-P
  19. CharonPDX

    Ham Radio Install?

    Well, there's one in my city with a big antenna on it, and a HAM ID license plate, so I figure there's at least one. :-P
  20. CharonPDX

    Trailer Assist imminent?

    Whenever my wife or my mom is trying to "help" me back a trailer into a campsite, I do terrible. But I can back my 29' trailer up half a block with vehicles parked on both sides to my house zero problem on the first try. Hell, the first time I tried backing with the "help" of a trailer-mounted...