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  1. Take those ugly (wheel aero covers) things off !!! Less than 1% diff.

    I know it is not rivian testing, but I can't stand wheels with Aerocaps
  2. Air compressor did not stop at set pressure !

    I have not use it since service center changed out the control panel due to reading tires at psi higher than supposed to 2 months ago. All my tires was at 44 psi today and need to be at 48 as recommended. for the first 3 tires, it went smoothly with small stop and go action and stopped at...
  3. Folks with turbo AC noise at start up

    Since the last two updates when I start driving, the AC automatically go on "turbo mode" super loud. It will not get off turbo mode for the duration of my drive even when I lower the fan speed. To get rid of the turbo, I have to turn the AC off wait for it to shut down for a few seconds then...
  4. Post Ceramic coating wash

    Hi, Is it safe to use a 3400 psi gas power washer on ceramic coating?
  5. R1s not going to sleep mode at night?

    For the past few days, my wife said that she thinks the car is on at night? Whenever she goes to the garage in the morning and go to work, she said the Rivian is "on" . She said she can hear the AC or "the car is on" when she woke up in the middle of the night. Proximity is "off" for at...
  6. 3kwh accessories?

    This is from my 190 miles trip from Norman to Dallas. Outside temp is 100 plus. AC is running at level 2 to 3 fan.
  7. Slow phone charging

    Hi. Noticed that our phones are not charging fast enough via USB c ports. I did the output test but can't understand these values Any helps would be appreciated.
  8. Interior audio amplifier replaced

    Brought my vehicle in for service and they replaced this item by themselves. Didn't know there is an issue. Anyone else?
  9. R1s sunroof heat vs tesla model 3

    So, I parked both cars outside in this 100 degree texas weather for an hour and compared the two roofs. The Rivian's roof is so much hotter than the tesla. Are they made by different type of glasses? I'm thinking about tinting the R1s roof but afraid it will trap the heat and crack.
  10. Tires rotation

    My R1s 21" tires are about 5k in with 90% all purpose mode driving. I really don't see any difference from the front and rear tires. Is it neccessary to rotate at 7k miles as recommended still?
  11. 185 miles towing trip concerns !

    Hi, I will be pulling a 6'x12' uhaul cargo trailer for a 185 miles trip in my R1s 21" wheel for the first time. The additional weight will probably be around 3K lbs. There is a EA station which is 30 miles from our house and another one at 120 miles after that. Do you think it is...
  12. Mobile charging unit gets hot

    Since the arrival of the R1s, the tesla model 3 got kicked outside of the garage. We have two nema 14-50 plugs inside the garage, one is with a 50 ft extension cord that connect to the tesla mobile charger. With this texas heat, the tesla mobile charger gets super hot and most of the time...
  13. Air compressor not reading tire pressure correctly !

    Got a nail in the tire today and the pressure on the screen said 38. When I tried to use the compresser to pump it up. It reads that tire as 45. I used my manual presure gage and it read as 38 as what said on the screen. I tested the other 3 tires with the rivian compressor and all are 7...
  14. 21" tires options

    Rivian is 275/55 R21 which only one is made by Pirelli. However if you go to 275/50 R21 , there are a 10 options on discount tires website. I don't know much about tires, but what happened if you put 275/50 R21 on the Rivian? thanks
  15. Any Battery Degradation in your Rivian yet?

    Since some of us are going to 2nd year of ownership. Do we see any degradation yet? My tesla model 3 is not very lucky with that after 3 years and have about 15% degraded.
  16. Rivian introduces LFP Batteries

    Which battery would you rather have?
  17. Newer R1S builds have no 12v under dash

    Just took my R1s adventure delivery this past Friday with vin number 51XX and there is not a 12V plug underneath the dash. The only one I found is at the back by the air compressor. WTH. I need one for the radar detector in front !
  18. latest VIN for R1S

    just be given number 51xx non LE GW , BM , 21"
  19. Non LE March/April delivery

    After the latest update, my delivery has moved to March/April. It is literally 3 weeks away til March. Anyone with march/april deliveries heard anything from their guides or Rivian itself yet? Or will it be Rivian's way, end of April and possible pushed back with end of April update?