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  1. Speedrye

    ICE competition: 2025 4Runner news, specs, timing, preview CGIs -- via insider info

    My wife is considering the new Prius and the numbers just don't work well to justify spending an additional $4,800 for the Prime. Even if she only drove it in electric mode, using no gas at all, it's 200k miles before breaking even (only factoring in power/gas usage). With prices for...
  2. Speedrye

    Damage results from 7K lbs R1T vs Civic in collision

    I'd say the Civic won in that case.
  3. Speedrye

    Anyone seen this under their R1T?

    Guess Munro went too far in removing fasteners...
  4. Speedrye

    Max Pack Progresses as Battery Lab Expands — Official Rivian Stories

    I didn't get past "up to 400 miles in the R1S"...
  5. Speedrye

    Full-Size Spare Tire listed in Rivian Gear Shop!

    I won't be surprised when they won't allow me to buy a full-size spare for my R1S because it didn't come equipped that way...
  6. Speedrye

    Confirmed by Rivian: No more frunk 12v outlet going forward

    Have any owners here ever been asked about their usage of the 12v frunk outlet??
  7. Speedrye

    Am I turning into a Wuss? Uncomfortable with transporting gasoline in R1T bed

    I've started using these No-Spill gas cans and MUCH prefer them over the old regular plastic ones. They're true to word and don't leak, splash or have any issues. So much so that I carry them inside my SUV after filling up, something I would've never considered doing with regular cans. Is it...
  8. Speedrye

    Newer R1S builds have no 12v under dash

    At the very least, when this decision was made, someone should've updated the website and owners manuals to reflect the changes before the customers received their vehicles with said changes. Not sure why this is hard. These stupid little mistakes are what make me question Rivian's viability as...
  9. Speedrye

    Damage results from 7K lbs R1T vs Civic in collision

    Unlike most, I doubt this is totaled. The Civic submarined under the R1T, and never made bumper-to-bumper contact, so frame damage is unlikely. The Civic's mushy parts made contact with the trucks bumper, hence barely feeling anything. With Florida's 80% damage-to-value threshold, I just...
  10. Speedrye

    Credit card with cashback bonus for EV charging?

    It's a good card. I usually redeem my points for gift cards to various places, and if you're patient, the gift cards occasionally go on sale to places that rarely have discounts like Lowe's or Home Depot at 10% off. Makes my money go farther. No charge to get physical gift cards mailed to you...
  11. Speedrye

    Air conditioned RAN

    Okay, maybe I'm missing something, but it doesn't appear this is just blowing air under the truck. Figure 7 shows a pretty defined inlet and exhaust around the battery from the ventilation system. Surely that wouldn't just be air intakes to the outside air, right? Are you supposed to connect...
  12. Speedrye

    PSA: Careful Parking on ANY Incline...

    So... do the turning front wheels charge the battery when it's still plugged in? I'll bet that's a scenario the engineers didn't think about. :CWL:
  13. Speedrye

    Anyone else looking at 5+ year wait.

    Since I'm in a state they don't seem to be delivering to, yeah, probably. Thanks NC...
  14. Speedrye

    Rated X: Full Frontal Cybertruck

    I hope it's really reflective and that my retinas are seared before having to witness that atrocity in person.
  15. Speedrye

    Rivian Patents Low-Range Crawler Gearbox (Bolt-on) for Off-Roading

    On the flip side, if they're going to limit us to ~110mph or so, there's extra gearing capacity already there, so regear the main ratios to allow for more torque down low in off-road situations. Definitely not as effective as these nifty contraptions, but not a bad option for standard...
  16. Speedrye

    Simple mod for 0-60 <3.0 seconds?

    The 0-60 should be great, but the 1/4 mile would suck with the effective gearing change combined with the already-low speed limiter being dropped even further. My quick math shows going to a 28" tire would give you an effective top speed of 90mph.
  17. Speedrye

    R1T owner on pickup trucks vs. SUVs

    I used to have trucks, but opted to move to an SUV and keep a small trailer for those rare times I need to actually haul something. Thankfully I have the space to do so. Definitely agree with the above about needing a full-size spare. You can tell Rivian was designed by engineers/software...
  18. Speedrye

    Direct-fit Variant forged aluminum performance street wheels for Rivian now available at Electruck4x4.com

    Interesting, TireRack shows the OEM Pirelli 22" tires as discontinued. What tire is Rivian using now? Love the look of these wheels, and love the loss of rotating mass. Wish there was a 20" option however.
  19. Speedrye

    $1000 down payment for R1S last summer (July 22) any ideas how many years it will take?

    Are you in a state they're not even delivering to? If so, that'll really delay things...
  20. Speedrye

    Invited into R1S R1 shop - need opinions

    Pristine MKII, so I can't help in that, haha. I can't get over the new one being a BMW though as I don't like the way any new performance BMWs drive. I have been eyeballing a Cayman S though... C8 is just too busy styling-wise for me.