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  1. CharonPDX

    Stopped by the Vancouver Experience Center today.

    Pretty slick place. They have a fun augmented reality way to see an R1T up close - and it is amazingly high detail. I put my face RIGHT up to the steering wheel, and I could have sworn I was looking at a real Rivian steering wheel. And I don't know if the AR vehicle's navigation system takes...
  2. CharonPDX

    Took the R1T & new trailer to Fully Charged Live (Vancouver, BC)

    Okay, the trailer is going to the campground about 100km East of Vancouver, where I'll be staying for four days. But it'll be the first "more than 70% used" tow with it. It's a 2018 NüCamp T@B 400. Bought it last week, drove 150 miles home with it, using only about 70% to get it home. It...
  3. CharonPDX

    Trip Around the US' Left Ear - almost made it on one charge.

    Took a 3-day-weekend short trip up to Washington State's Olympic Peninsula. Photo above is from a spit of land that acts as a seawall to protect the Port of Port Angeles, Washington from the ocean (or the Straight of Juan de Fuca specifically,) at left is Port Angeles Bay with mainland US...
  4. CharonPDX

    Do people really not know the R1T rear-center seat has a telescoping headrest?

    I just saw multiple owners claim on Reddit that their R1T doesn't have a headrest for the center-rear seat. Really? Does not everyone know there's a telescoping headrest there? Well, if you didn't - now you do!
  5. CharonPDX

    Saw a humorous badge on a "competitor" that feels appropriate.

    Was driving behind a Range Rover. They have the vehicle name in all caps word mark across the back of the vehicle as individual letter emblems: R A N G E    R O V E R The G was missing. So it said something appropriate for an R1S to wear exploring Rivian's charging network: R A N    E    R...
  6. CharonPDX

    RAN Lincoln City shows live - *it isn’t yet*

    Decided to head to the coast this morning, saw in the Rivian app that it showed a new RAN at the Lincoln City outlet mall. Showed 3 stalls. Showed up in-vehicle navigation, too, so set it. Got here and there are 3 problems - 1. It directed me to enter the outlet mall parking lot in a...
  7. CharonPDX

    [Edmunds] 30,000 Pound Tow-Off Between Rivian R1T vs. Ford F-150 Lightning

    Edmunds went hog-wild and took both an F-150 Lightning and a Rivian R1T to a sled pull: 100% stock, didn't even air down the tires. Rivian outpulled the Lightning, but fell short of modified conventional pickups. I'm sure it wouldn't take much to beat them - the sled weighs ~34,000 pounds...
  8. CharonPDX

    Oregon SOLD! - R1T All-weather floor mats for sale - brand new, still in plastic (Portland, OR)

    Edit: Sold. Just in time for rainy season. ----- Apparently I am an idiot and ordered two sets. (One when ordering the vehicle, second set from the Gear Shop, forgetting I ordered with the vehicle.) They arrived one day after the other. Both sets are the new-style with black logo. Yours for...
  9. CharonPDX

    Old and New together.

    Parked (yes, badly 😆) to pick my wife up from physical therapy. This fumey boy pulled in next to me asking to take a picture of them together. So of course I got a pic, too.
  10. CharonPDX

    Arrival Day! (LE/FG/FE/20"AT, Portland, OR)

    November 2020 preorder. Originally had June/July 2022 delivery date; bumped to November/December in the early June delayening. The whole time, I've had a Launch Edition selected, in either Launch Green or Forest Green, with Forest Edge, with either 20" AT or 20" AT-Bright, with or without...
  11. CharonPDX

    Officially unofficial update on LE orders w/ 20" wheels waiting in limbo. - EPA limits.

    I got my Guide contact and Shop access a month ago, and have seen almost no 20" wheel vehicles in the Shop, and my Guide hasn't had any info on when my build will happen. I'm waiting on a config that has shipped - LE in FG over FE, 20" AT-Bright, Underbody Shield. Guide is just "I won't know...
  12. CharonPDX

    Tested: R1T's bed 120V outlet charging another EV

    Had my First Mile Drive today, and asked a bunch of questions about towing, and thinking about sticking my Arcimoto FUV on a trailer (or inside a toy-hauler) and potentially charging the FUV from the Rivian. The First Drive Guide let me try it out. Using the TurboCord Dual I normally plug the...