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  1. jplblue

    Any regrets on 20" All Terrain tires for suburban parents not off-roading?

    I'd go with the 22s if that's your preferred looks. It does better on range, has adequate tire options (although not as good as 20s), and comfort has improved a lot since the last update -- right in the sweet spot for me.
  2. jplblue

    RESOLVED: jack pucks from jackpucks.com smell TERRIBLE

    Depending on the material, off-gassing can really smell like (nasty) cigar. I have some rubber cable protectors that has that same smell that I'm still trying to totally off-gas. Maybe you can leave the case and foam in outside in the sun for a while?
  3. jplblue

    Ordered new 20” wheel with +48mm offset from Tirerack

    Are you going to try to use them in the snow or will you switch to your winter tires next season?
  4. jplblue

    Camping in R1S - First time thoughts

    They're 5 and 7. For the car seats, we just threw them in the front seat. I'm not that concerned about bathing when we camp, but we have a Geyser bath system -- basically a sponge bath that cycles warm water -- that works well. Generally, I try to be more liberal with bribes during trips...
  5. jplblue

    KO3 tires installed on Rivian R1T!

    Great looking vehicle! The Rivian is nice, too.
  6. jplblue

    Camp Speaker Wakes When Truck Sleeps

    Yep, I experienced that has well. How did it know?!
  7. jplblue

    Depth of discharge and battery health

    I've always heard that batteries are happiest near 50%. So what's better: 80%-60% or 65%-45%?
  8. jplblue

    EVGo now $/kwh in GA

    Got the same email for NY a few days ago. Brutal hikes -- costs more than Tesla in most cases and $00.30+ more per kWh vs. other public charging (EA, EVolveNY).
  9. jplblue

    Rivian's share of new EV registrations (vs other brands) for 2023 YTD

    I don't think it gets counted if you transfer plates, which a lot of people do.
  10. jplblue

    Wrapping my Rivian

    I guess I'm the only one who likes 2 the most. I like how the black rear is more congruent with the camper's color. How much would something like this cost?
  11. jplblue

    Anyone charged at a Tesla Supercharging station?

    Do you mean that you have a Tesla and want to charge your Rivian? As far as I can tell, yes, you'd still have to select the stall in the app if you want to charge the Rivian
  12. jplblue

    Anyone charged at a Tesla Supercharging station?

    I don't think this will work for now. You have to select a charger on the Tesla app to begin CCS charging, and the app only lets you select magic dock chargers.
  13. jplblue

    Anyone charged at a Tesla Supercharging station?

    It was $0.52/kWh for me at the Malta NY station. I believe Tesla's rate is different for each location. Compared to public chargers around here, it's about $0.20/kWh more. Compared to EVgo in NY, which charges on a per minute basis, Tesla is about 4x more per kWh (depending on how fast...