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  1. “New” Quad Motor R1T pricing is crazy and not sustainable (even if Cybertruck priced higher than original reveal price estimate)

    The radical exoskeleton structure has since turned into a more conventional unibody design: https://insideevs.com/news/676664/tesla-cybertruck-body-in-white-leaked/
  2. Weekly Rivian Responds: SEVEN of your Questions Answered -- Max Pack, Trail Turn Assist, etc.

    Complete non-answer for the performance dual motor upgrade question. Either Rivian doesn’t yet know the answer…. or Rivian knows people won’t like the answer?
  3. Tesla Slashes Prices Again - $39,900 M3, $49,900 MY Long Range

    Maybe people are tired of the same 4 basic car shapes in the same 5 colors for the past half decade.
  4. R1T Max Pack + Dual Motor range update from Rivian: 335, 360 and 400 miles range

    Rivian’s site does specifically state that Performance is a software upgrade: https://stories.rivian.com/difference-between-r1-drive-systems But it doesn’t say anything about purchasing it as an add-on later. It would be stupid of them not to allow that though, due to the number of people...
  5. R1T Max Pack + Dual Motor range update from Rivian: 335, 360 and 400 miles range

    Looks like I'll be sticking with the one and only large-pack configuration that will have any sort of tax benefit... Silver, dual-motor, large pack, 21" road. This shall henceforth be known as the "IRS Edition."
  6. Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    Got it. So an extreme vehicle needs extreme electricity while it's sitting in the garage, just absolutely slaying those electrons, all day and all night long. So much more extreme than a Model 3 which is just a pansy car that simply is too wimpy to absolutely freaking demolish battery kwh in the...
  7. Conserve Mode: $125 a month tire cost!

    Is that 10k miles without rotating the tires?
  8. Cybertruck Latest "Beta" Prototype gets up close look inside and out at Tesla Investor Day

    I also have both reservations, so it's TBD which one I go with depending on timing. I originally placed a reservation for Tri-motor CT with FSD. Hopefully I can drop FSD from my final config without affecting my position in line. I also want a vehicle with an exterior that I don't have to care...
  9. What I like least about my R1T

    Have you driven trucks before? It’s big and heavy.
  10. Ordered my Ford Lighting today

    I just came across Will Prowse's deep dive into the onboard pro power (he's a well-known YouTuber among off-grid solar fans), he had some... issues. I hope it's more of an isolated case (for the issues with the truck itself, never mind the L2 charging network problems) because there are so many...
  11. Cybertruck reveals new triangle mirrors (removable) in Palo Alto sighting 📸🎥 (video)

    Seems like the triangle mirrors will cut off the most important parts of the view.
  12. Tesla Price Cuts Across The Board

    My Model 3 is a unicorn… over 4 years and the only service appointments were for a 12V battery replacement and cabin air filters. That’s why I’m holding on to it for a while longer (even though it’s out of warranty) until my R1T is ready. I hope the Rivian holds up nearly as well. I did have a...
  13. For those who got R1S (or R1T) at original approximately $78k would you buy one for new price of approximately $93k?

    I’m pretty sure I’m going with an LA Silver R1T, dual motor large pack on 21”, which is the only large-pack configuration that (in theory) will qualify for the federal tax rebate.
  14. 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV Pickup Truck Concept Officially Revealed ⚡️🐏

    Damn that thing has a lot of moving parts.
  15. When your R1T is 4 days old and you go to Costco....

    The Cybertruck is going to invite people to try and break the windows just to see if they can.
  16. TeslaTap Mini 60 amp Charging Adapter NOT Compatible with R1T?

    Any issues with leaving the adapter plugged to the Tesla cable full time? I just had my Tesla wall charger installed (replacing the NEMA 14-50 I've been using for years). I have an R1T on order which hopefully will replace my Model 3 late this year. Aside from the built in hanger not being...
  17. Dual vs Quad Motors, which would you get and why?

    Haven’t finalized yet since I have many months to go, but most likely dual motor. I think the in-house enduro drivetrain will be more capable than expected in terms of performance and efficiency.
  18. Started the 8 steps and am getting cold feet. Edit: warm fuzzies now, completed the steps :)

    What I love about fast EV’s - I can punch it on back roads and never draw any attention.
  19. Started the 8 steps and am getting cold feet. Edit: warm fuzzies now, completed the steps :)

    I wouldn’t be worried, but the location of your nearest Rivian service center might be a factor if any warranty issues come up. Plus side: the factory warranty is really good Minus side: but it depends on where your nearest service center is located I’m in the Atlanta area so I know I have...