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  1. NashvilleR1S

    iOS 17 having issues with proximity unlock

    Hey! So I updated my iphone to iOS 17 two days ago, I've always had perfect experiences with proximity unlock via phone, but now I have to unlock my phone, sometimes even open the app before it unlocks. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  2. NashvilleR1S

    “Your app session has ended”??

    Seems like perfect timing as I’m on a road trip…anyone had this happen before?
  3. NashvilleR1S

    Holder for ipad between seats?

    Looking for someway to mount an ipad centered so that the kids can watch a movie at the same time. Like this: Anyone have solves for that with the rivian?
  4. NashvilleR1S

    Adding a 2nd EV to the family, best dual charger?

    So we might be adding a 2nd EV to the family, and we literally only had one 60amp breaker left when we installed the rivian charger. So I need to replace that with a dual charger. Whats the smartest/most powerful one out there?
  5. NashvilleR1S

    Anyone figure out how to get ride of the crossbar whistle sound?

    I love the look of the cargo crossbars, don't mind the negligible range hit, but the dang whistle sound is about to make me take them off for good. It's so high pitched at anything over 30 mph. Anyone figure out a good solve to this yet?
  6. NashvilleR1S

    2023.10.1 Killed my speakers...but a hard reset fixed it.

    Just a heads up, I updated last night, and when I got in the car this morning I was greeted by the audio sounding terrible. Sounded like only 1 speaker was on in the back left and it was all bass. Radio, spotify, calls, everything sounded like that. Good news is, I got on the phone with...
  7. NashvilleR1S

    Blacking out lower front and rear trim?

    Does anyone have vinyl kits for blacking out the lower front and rear trim yet?
  8. NashvilleR1S

    Sending address from app to Rivian nav?

    So the email I just got says: Anyone know how to do that? Can't find it in apple maps anywhere.
  9. NashvilleR1S

    Spotify Issues?

    Anyone else having major spotify issues? It will only play a podcast for a few minutes, then it stops and it's like it can't load anymore. After that happens, it won't play any songs either. It's like it's freezing the app. If I force close the app on my phone, I can then play spotify through...
  10. NashvilleR1S

    Does the R1S not come with the compressor kit?

    I was under the impression that the compressor kit was standard, my guide said the compressor kit with the tire sealant is something you have to order from the gear shop. So I can't get a spare and a tire sealant kit isn't standard? Sheesh.
  11. NashvilleR1S

    Spotted my VIN at service center, notice any issues?

    My dad was near the service center and found my VIN, sent me a few pictures. Looks like maybe the back left roof panel or hatch needs alignment. The charger door looks misaligned as well. Anyone notice anything else I need to watch for on delivery(hopefully next week)? Anyone know what that...
  12. NashvilleR1S

    Charger Delivery After Vehicle?

    My guide mentioned the last few deliveries he had, customers weren't receiving their chargers until 5-7 days after their vehicle delivery. I was hoping for 1-2 weeks BEFORE vehicle delivery. If you've taken delivery recently, has that been your experience? Really going to be a bummer if I get...
  13. NashvilleR1S

    Percentage of vehicles with service issue?

    Trying to get a sense of how high the percentage of major issues is.
  14. NashvilleR1S

    Can I limit the Rivian charger if needed?

    If I install the charger on a 60a circuit, but only want it to ouput 32a or 40a, is that possible through the dip switches? We have the empty 60a circuit for it, but the panel it needs to be installed at only has 125a, and during the day we are going to be pushing it. Going to charge mostly at...
  15. NashvilleR1S

    Trade In Process and Value?

    Hey I wanted to get a consolidated thread of how everyone's trade in process went. What was the timing like pre delivery? How was the value vs kbb? With used prices right now I'm sure I can get a lot more on the market for my 4runner than trade in, but i'm not sure I'll be able to juggle the...