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  1. NineElectrics

    Neat new Google Maps features

    https://blog.google/products/maps/google-maps-october-2023-update/ It's going to be hard for Rivian's built-in nav. to compete with AI-driven advances like these. Thanks to EV Sportline, I have CarPlay, so I'll get them for free, but most will not be so lucky.
  2. NineElectrics

    My brand new Rivian seems to be missing something

    This car is one day old. Watch for cuts, everyone! Quality control still seems to be nonexistent.
  3. NineElectrics

    Switched from Launch Edition Quad to Dual Motor Max Pack Performance -- my impressions / review

    - Fit an finish on the new dual motor has sightly improved. Liftgate alignment is decent now. There's one paint issue and the third row silver trim still is still off when viewed from the rear. Hood is slightly misaligned, and one plastic moulding is way off. - Definitely missing the 12V ports...
  4. NineElectrics

    Proof ID notary process is terrible

    I have to vent here: I’ve spent an hour taking dozens of perfectly formed, well lit ID photos, and I can’t get last the auto-retarded portion of the online notary process run by Proof. They won’t even let me see the notary, who I’m sure could inspect the IDs over a webcam in about 30 seconds...
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    Rivian expects a $30K downpayment when financing

    This is on a 72 month loan. Maybe I should just go with that 84 month loan option and put a bit less down. I really wish they had a 30-year fixed.
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    Lease for $1,228/mo? No, try $1,711/mo: negative equity issue?

    Rivian advertises a low price for R1S leases on a $98K car, but the only cars available in the shop that are and upgrade from my current Launch Edition are significantly more than that. The one I picked out is $105K. That's $7K more expensive, so one would expect the lease terms to be at least...
  7. NineElectrics

    Scheduled preconditioning doesn’t pull from shore power first

    I’ve been using the new scheduled preconditioning feature and told it to pull from the wall. It looks like when the car is heating, power isn’t taken from the wall continuously. Sometimes the battery drops by about 2%. Looking at my ChargePoint, I see spikey charging. I conclude that unlike...
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    FYI: R1S trade-in quote from Rivian = $69.5K

    For those looking to upgrade to a dual motor or max pack, you may be curious to know that Rivian is offering roughly $69.5K for a year old Launch Edition R1S with 22K miles. Sometimes there is a state sales tax credit available when trading in to a dealer as part of a new car sale, but I don't...
  9. NineElectrics

    PSA: charge port door opens during touch free car wash

    Today, while in a touch free car wash, the charge port door popped open, taking on water. That robot has all the right moves! No, I was not in car wash mode. I didn’t turn it on, thinking it was not necessary. But, stupidly, it is. So use it, everyone!
  10. NineElectrics

    Charge port door button still doesn’t work in the cold

    It’s almost exactly one year later and it’s still happening. Service has been unwilling to fix it. If anyone has had success in getting this fixed, what are strategies to be taken seriously by service (aside from suing them)?
  11. NineElectrics

    Glow in the dark painted key fob buttons... It glowsesss, precious!

    One glow-in-the-dark pen later… Here's fob #2. Not perfect, but good enough for me. For lack of anything better, I used this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09V3GBS98. The tip is rather thick, so I just pushed out the phosphorescent ink and let it sink into the grooves/depressions. I...
  12. NineElectrics

    Roof ski rack for more than six skis?

    Has anyone tried doubling up a six ski rack on the R1S to fit twelve skis? Yes, it’s a lot of skis. For extended ski vacations, though, that’s basically a four person quiver. The Kuat Grip 6 might fit. It might hit a truck in the next lane over, though! The 4 would definitely work, but that’s...
  13. NineElectrics

    PSA: Rivian can update your wheel size OTA [update: nope!]

    I opened a support ticket with Rivian and they were able to reprogram my car for 20” rims over the air! That is really fantastic service and software. Kudos, Rivian!
  14. NineElectrics

    I put my R1S into "winter mode"—and you won't believe what happened next!

    In preparation for winter, I: added Rivian crossbars to the roof (no ski rack, yet) swapped the 21" OEM rims and tires for 20" R600 rims and Nokian LT3 winter tires Not concidentally, temperatures began to drop around the same time. Here's the overall impact on efficiency, so far, as measured...
  15. NineElectrics

    Gauge view and front motor bias

    Gauge view is very interesting. Has anyone else noticed a front motor bias on acceleration? Clearly there is front motor bias on regen, which is fine, but I also see the rear motors used less on straight line acceleration. I have always felt this and now is I see apparently confirmed. I am...
  16. NineElectrics

    Steering wheel vibrating, slowly turning while in park

    Here’s a new one: this morning, while in park, the steering wheel began to vibrate. It then started to rotate by itself. Later, while driving, it made a sound like a soft jackhammer, but later the sound went away. Now the steering feels a little bit looser but the car is otherwise normal...
  17. NineElectrics

    [Edmunds] Our Long-Term 2022 Rivian R1T Quits Without Warning

  18. NineElectrics

    Third row windows have mismatched defrost wires, normal?

    Hello all, My third row window defrost wires are mismatched. On one window, there are two vertical "bars" of wires. On the other side, only one. Service has told me that this is normal, but that's hard to believe. It's more believable that they switched designs and my car has one of both.
  19. NineElectrics

    Max Pack chemistry and quad motor

    Givan that the Max Pack is just a chemistry/BMS tweak, and doesn't change the mechanical form of the pack, it is clearly compatible with quad motor. So, why does the Quad Motor Max Pack product *really* no longer exist anymore? Clearly the Max Pack can't achieve a significant range boost...
  20. NineElectrics

    R1S is still listing to one side after ten months and two service attempts

    I am sorry to report that after two attempts, service is still unable to fix the car listing to one side by about an inch. That doesn't sound like a lot, it's plainly visible to anyone, including potential buyers. Resale value will take a hit, but looking at it sit, crippled, in the supermarket...