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  1. Q2 Delivery Estimate Update Stats

    Was Jan - June 2024, am now April - June 2024. So not really moved out but thats how I voted since I was expecting the early side of the range.
  2. RIVN short interest % highest I’ve seen

    I see tons of Amazon vans all over. Carry over from Q4 production of R1 line for Q1 deliveries + ramping Production. Im a homer, no doubt, but I think the tides are changing.
  3. RIVN short interest % highest I’ve seen

    Q1 earnings going to beat. She gonna pop. currently trading below book value, oversold.
  4. Newer R1S builds have no 12v under dash

    Lmao, yall wild.
  5. Poll: Will you stay with Rivian after Price Increase?

    How dare you. We are here to rage not think rationally about an investment.
  6. R1T & R1S Updated Pricing, Configuration, Specs. Dual Motor Now Available

    I think the stock will pump for this. Bigger GoS for each vehicle now. Theres no way the increase is 1:1 matched with “inflationary pressures.”
  7. January/Feb delivery windows

    that sweet sweet revenue from customers/employees under nda. It’s an extended QA session without the bad press.
  8. RIVIAN BLUE Rivian Photos

    Every time I come into this thread I update my preorder to Rivian Blue with OR tires and Ocean Coast interior. Then, a few days later, I go into the Forest Green thread and update my preorder to the warthog build (FG, FE, Black OR rims/tires.) Every now and then I entertain the storm trooper...