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  1. moosehead

    Neener, Neener, Neener... Windshield Washer Fluid by Genuine Chemistry

    May have to serve this up with wings for the Super Bowl.
  2. moosehead

    Dumpster Truck can do Circumcisions!

    CT Carrot Test https://www.unilad.com/news/tesla-cybertruck-carrot-test-fingers-front-trunk-240208-20240120
  3. moosehead

    WaPo Article: Gifts for People You Don't Like

    The Dumpster Truck is already a punch line. It is first listed as gifts recommended for people you dislike, along with a George Santos outfit, and other heinous ideas: Excerpt and link below: "I don’t know how to buy gifts! As far as love languages go, “gift” is a set of incomprehensible...
  4. moosehead


    So typically, I'm a lights out under the covers missionary style type. For years, I've done this tits down juicy turkey cook: https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/tits-down-juicy-thanksgiving-recipes.10277/ Got convinced to step out a little and go spatchcock this year. Took awhile to...
  5. moosehead

    Multiple Errors // Update Version 2023.42.1

    Wanted to start separate thread as this just occurred despite having latest update which I believe was intended to fix prior issues per the other monster thread and Wassym's letter. My Update Version 2023.42.1 is showing several errors including: no infotaiment function, no phone connectivity...
  6. moosehead

    Rivian Vehicle Ramp Up is Evident // Denver RSC

    The Denver RSC is 5 miles from the house, and I have lurked there regularly for 2 years. It is hard to describe the steep ramp up in Rivian vehicles on their lot, but in early days 20 Rivians was a large amount. As of this morning 11/9/23, there must be more than 125 Rivians and vans on the...
  7. moosehead

    Even in Matte Black, CT Looks Like Crap // Jalopnik Headline

    https://jalopnik.com/tesla-cybertruck-looks-like-crap-matte-black-prototype-1850996467 You're welcome, Captain Obvious
  8. moosehead

    One-Touch Garage Function Wonky // Update 2023.30

    Anyone else have wonky or non-functioning one-touch garage button? Mine initially worked immediately after the OTA 2023.30. Then when adding a second garage door, neither one-touch would function despite indicator showing up on the driver dash. In troubleshooting I have tried both...
  9. moosehead

    Front Seat Cover Options?

    Wanted to please ask the forum for Rivian front seat cover referrals? I've got some generic covers that sorta look like a hooded towel that hang simply from the headrest but figured you guys may have some ideas. This is largely for temporary use to protect from post MTB Mudd Butt, and Swass on...
  10. moosehead

    Off-Road Tesla

    Saw this today and thought it looked like an overland conversion of some sort. Turns out it is a fairly significant effort by a local shop in Sandpoint, ID called GHPC.
  11. moosehead

    Power Tonneau Replacement - Hiding the Baloney

    So where’s the baloney?
  12. moosehead

    Nuggs are 3-1 headed to Game 5 in Mile High City

    Yet this is what the rest of the country sees:
  13. moosehead

    RAN Virginity Taken

    Nice quicky in Broomfield CO parking lot. Felt like Tiger Woods but cleaner. We just need moar.
  14. moosehead

    Rivian: "As if Google and Toyota had a Baby." // Barrons Article

    Copied text from Barron's 5/25/23 below: Rivian Automotive has hit a rough patch. Ramping up its electric-vehicle production has proven challenging, and its shares are down this year. Wall Street isn’t giving up on the stock, though, and vertical integration is one reason for that. Vertical...
  15. moosehead

    Snap Plate // Gen 2 Updates

    Got the notice and upgrade offer to trade in the Gen1 for Gen2 Snaplate and already hit buy. Interested in understanding the upgraded design, please and thanks. https://everyamp.com/shop/snapplate-r1t-r1s-2022/
  16. moosehead

    Center Dash // Redesign Display Discussion

    We have these big arse displays but lack basic driver info needs center dash. Please, Rivian, for the love of Gary, get our center dash to show: Speedo - center screen, center dash SOC & Range Gear Drive Mode Outside Temp, Battery Temp Time Odometer & Resettable Trip Meter Headlights/ACC...
  17. moosehead

    Rivian Honeymoon is Still Goin'

    She still elicits a shit eatin' grin every time I get out and look back at her. Or return after a brief absence and admire her all over again. Or take her for a sweaty romp. Still makes my pants tight.
  18. moosehead

    Cybertruck didn't need to go ugly early - Autoevolution article

    Virtually Normal Tesla Pickup Trucks Prove the Cybertruck Mess Wasn’t Necessary - autoevolution
  19. moosehead

    CA Air already improving from EV Use - Article

    https://electrek.co/2023/02/10/surprise-electric-cars-are-already-making-california-healthier/ Do you Cali folks notice this on a daily basis? I recall how much more clean our air was during Covid.