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    Recent 22 R1S Sale $66,000 on C&B

    The unavailability made the R1S so desirable. With it becoming easier to get and cheaper variants with essentially the same features becoming available, not surprised. Also overall vehicle market is becoming ice cold as inventory is piling up everywhere.
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    Lane change / blind spot cameras should be implemented

    On the old weekly Rivian respond posts on Reddit they said this was in the works.. that was 6 months ago. They also said more audio and video options were coming. They also said rear screen would get more functional. None have happened, no timeline given so, who knows if it’ll happen any time soon.
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    Loud wind noise in cabin

    This has been my experience with my R1T and a loaner R1T. Very loud cabin wind noise. Some report dead quite. It’s hard to believe based on my experience especially with SC claiming it’s normal..
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    Most efficient 20" tire?

    From the thread discussing the platinums it seems they’re closer in efficiency to the pirelli AT tires not the stock 21 AS tires.
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    Why is Rivian giving me the run around?!?

    you have to keep up with it, I had a few items returned to the Rivian shop on 2 separate occasions. Both times items were received after months not refunded. I emailed tracking to my guide demonstrating receipt of return to Rivian and received my refund shortly after bringing it to their...
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    Rivian wil not calibrate aftermarket wheels / tires

    So is it that the spedo is way off? For efficiency won’t that auto calibrate as you drive more and more for range estimations? I figure changes should be mild and you’ll get used to them (for efficiency for example).
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    Rivian manual tonneau is rusting

    Hasn’t even been out on trucks for a year. That’s disappointing
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    Has Rivian upgraded the MagSafe charger?

    +1 stow and charge, also a beta unit, been working great for 6+ months.
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    Really long Service Issue

    im surprised they arent saying the noise is just within spec, Costa Mesa doesnt touch NVH issues.
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    Compressor cover doesn't latch?

    If you have a 3D printer. Someone made a solution https://thangs.com/designer/theplen/3d-model/Rivian%20Compressor%20Door%20Lock-926437
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    Porsche Macan EV Official Specs & Photos Revealed

    I really liked this Macan until watching the out of spec talk with the designer where he noted no Porsche EVs will have one pedal drive and joked and called it one pedal breaking to stop… what I love about Tesla and Rivian is the one pedal drive, not having that in a EV is a weird Toyota / Lexus...
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    Anyone had their R1 serviced at Eastvale CA service center yet?

    12 days sounds amazing past 2 services my truck sat 1 month + before a few days of actual service. Costa Mesa has not been great for me either. Hopefully they make the EDV Lake Forest location more of an official T/S service area.
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    Porsche Macan EV Official Specs & Photos Revealed

    This looks great, guessing the turbo will be at or near 100k..
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    R2 Product Launch at Laguna Beach on March 7th!

    My guess is trimotor R1 update with enduro + some efficiency tweaks and possible discontinuation of quad motor Bosch to compete with Tesla trimotor packaging. Would be nice if it’s R2, but have a feeling that will be Q4 or Q1 2025.
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    Wind depresses hood

    My whole hood is vibrating too at highway speeds, no visible depression but the whole hood is shaking. Wondering if something similar is going on. A loaner R1T i had dine exhibit this issue.
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    How to fix seat rattle or ticking - solved!

    Ive recently had this problem too. I thought it might be a wire tapping against metal, when i adjusted the seat up it seemed to lessen the sound. I may try this, I was going to start with sticking a small piece of foam under the seat.
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    Longest service center appointment?

    I’ve had 4,5 and 6 week service center appointments. Unfortunately while it shouldn’t be normal I’ve personally experienced this multiple times and have read many posts from others on the West coast at least. Denver service center seems like it should be the model for all other service...
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    Aluminum Door Panel warping

    Ah sorry. Missed that. Not normal. You should open a ticket and explain it was there on delivery. It can be fixed with paintless dent repair. Good luck.
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    Aluminum Door Panel warping

    On a much more minor scale. It’s due to people pushing towards the center of the door instead of at the edge of the door. Due to how thin the aluminum is inevitable to some degree unless you’re careful.