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  1. COdogman

    Massive Tesla Reddit Auto-ban happening

    Me after trying to find something specific in a Reddit thread:
  2. COdogman

    Massive Tesla Reddit Auto-ban happening

    They did you a favor.
  3. COdogman

    Front bumper damage - valet garage. Replacement?

    If the sensor still works I would just DIY fix it and use the valet insurance money on good bourbon :cool:
  4. COdogman

    Four Month Wait for Service

    If it's just the 7500 mile and a couple other small things, mobile service can do it. Did you speak with anyone at Rivian yet? If you just go by the available dates in the app it mostly represents the dates they can intake a vehicle into the service center. A service advisor can see priority...
  5. COdogman

    Charging at Tesla’s V4 SuperCharger w/ A2Z Typhoon adapter

    Just consider yourself lucky the cops weren’t called on you.
  6. COdogman

    Tesla Driver calls Cop on Rivian Driver

    Park across all the spaces and slowly eat your Subway :cool:
  7. COdogman

    Solid Floor Dog Hammock

    Congratulations on welcoming your new overlord into the family! There is nothing better than being owned by a dog. If there are no pass throughs you can use one of these “zip line” style tethers, which are actually pretty great because it’s less likely they will get tangled up while moving...
  8. COdogman

    Out of Spec seemingly confirms R1 refresh in about a month

    I would be shocked if there is something announced that would convince me to trade in my 1 year old T, but I’m excited to hear what they have planned. Things I am personally watching for: Lower and upper trim options. Streaming options/ pricing. Other new software updates (turn signal...
  9. COdogman

    Picked up R1S 3/31/2024 - broke two blocks later followed by a catastrophic failure

    That is a very disappointing first day. I’m really sorry that happened. Drive units are a common failure point on EVs and not as serious as it may sound. So I understand why Rivian would push for repair vs. replacement. I do also understand why you would want to swap into a new vehicle because...
  10. COdogman

    Tesla Driver calls Cop on Rivian Driver

    I’m only surprised it took this long. I hope this happens to me someday. I will record all of it for the forum, including me hysterically laughing at the Tesla Karen.
  11. COdogman

    Does Rivian work with Tesla Supercharger outside the US?

    Superchargers in Europe use CCS ironically https://www.tesla.com/en_ie/support/charging/supercharger
  12. COdogman

    Air Freshener for Rivian?

    I just make sure I always have a bag of tacos in my truck.
  13. COdogman

    I-80 through Wyoming???

    I haven’t done that whole drive but I’m working up in Cheyenne this month and have used the RAN there multiple times now. It’s not necessarily near I-80 or I-25 but it is near plenty of restaurants and a throwback 90s Shopping mall!
  14. COdogman

    Do you talk to other Rivian Owners while charging?

    I will talk if the others talk to me, but otherwise I’ll just wave and smile. Earlier this week I was sitting in my truck talking on the phone while charging when another T owner was asking me a question from outside. I felt bad that all I could do was quickly roll down my window and answer him...
  15. COdogman

    Can't imagine a worse car-buying experience

    I am lucky in that I have only needed to visit the Denver SC twice. Once for delivery and again for my 7500 mile maintenance appointment, but both times every Rivian employee I spoke with was excellent and professional. I’m really sorry you had to deal with someone who wasn’t. Overall, based...
  16. COdogman

    The official beer?

  17. COdogman

    2025 4Runner Photos & Specs Leaked

    Maybe I just expected something different, but those fenders are not doing it for me.