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  1. 240vPlug

    Fluid Leak

    Is it oily or watery? Any smell to it? Looks more oily on that piece of paper. Guess would be hydrolic fluid from the suspension.
  2. 240vPlug

    Do you agree with the rivian rating at your local dcfc?

    I haven't looked just yet. Based on the interviews with Wassim I believe they will need some time to collect the data before the rating system will be reliable. Maybe the station defaults to an A until more data is collected. What it should do is show "not enough data" or something similar...
  3. 240vPlug

    Robocalls from Nationwide regarding renewal

    Sounds like either a scam or an upsell. Once I hit 40 everybody and their brother wants to sell me life insurance. I was with State farm and my agent there hassled me on and off for 2 years trying to sell me life insurance.
  4. 240vPlug

    Brand new R1S is DEAD

    This sucks and it's not the experience you should be having. I'm sorry this happened to you but I'm confident Rivian will make this right. The 12v batteries are pretty bad unfortunately. There have been a lot of reports of bricked trucks due to defective 12v batteries. The issue has lessened...
  5. 240vPlug

    Ownership Transfer Taking Forever 🤬

    Frustrating 😡 Yeah they have been working on streamlining the process for well over a year now. If your concerned about access to the vehicle and privacy here are some things you can do until the transfer is complete.
  6. 240vPlug

    Water intrusion

    I'm still working with Rivian to resolve it. I will hopefully have an update soon.
  7. 240vPlug

    R1 Refresh (vs. Pre-Refresh) Reliability

    Live on the edge...go for the refresh.
  8. 240vPlug

    Anti-Theft device

    It's called pin to drive. Tesla has had it for years and I'm very surprised rivian hasn't implemented this yet. Think of PTD as a second factor of authentication. You can have the key card, fob, or phone key signal but you need to have that and also the pin from the driver in order to drive...
  9. 240vPlug

    Rivian R1S next to Hummer H3

    Nothing says the 2000s like a Hummer H2 or H3. Can't tell you how many Realtors I know drove hummers back then. Those days I drove a Diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee...army green. That thing drove like a complete boat but had tons of torque from the Mercedes 3.0L turbo diesel.
  10. 240vPlug

    Temporary Paint Protection

    Or just get permanent PPF on the whole thing. If you have OCD like me it will help you rest easier at night. I just scrapped my mirror on the side of the garage. There is a small mark in the PPF now that will drive me crazy 😫
  11. 240vPlug

    Car died after 6 days of delivery

    Dark FX is correct. It could be a couple different things. I have seen defective 12 volt batteries cause all kind of crazy issues with an EV. Getting a new vehicle with a dead 12 volt battery is not surprising because oftentimes the vehicles will sit while they're awaiting transportation. This...
  12. 240vPlug

    Temporary Paint Protection

    Very welcome! If it were me, I would mainly be focused on the high impact areas. So for example, if you're going off-road the sides of the vehicle might be a priority if you think there will be some pinstriping. If you're driving on road it might be more the front areas of the vehicle.
  13. 240vPlug

    Temporary Paint Protection

    Tracwrap would be my recommendation. This is also good if you plan to get PPF but need to wait for an appointment or need protection while driving to the installer. It's designed for track days but should protect from things like pinstriping off road.
  14. 240vPlug

    Afraid of Repair Costs

    All new vehicles are costly to repair. The Rivian a little more so because it's new and there aren't many places certified to work on them. This means the places that do generally charge much more. Hopefully the costs come down some but insurance in general is going through the roof. R2 will...
  15. 240vPlug

    EV Wave?

    If there are not a lot of EVs in the area this can be a thing.
  16. 240vPlug

    April Stealth Shield offer

    The promo said "select configurations" or something similar. You select one from the shop that's listed as already having it installed.
  17. 240vPlug

    R1T Tire Rotation

    Rivian recommends rotation every 5,000 miles. I will probably double that since my wear is even as well. At 14k I still have 8/32ns in the middle. I have only had one rotation and that was at about 12k. No need to balance at all unless your having issues. Rotation only.
  18. 240vPlug

    Trip meter?

    I would like to have trip meters on driver display as well. If you go to the drive mode screen and swipe left the trip meters are included with all the cool gauges.