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  1. HaveBlue

    Strategic ways not to block two Tesla stations

    We all know it sucks to show up and not be able to use a station you saw on the map. My recent A2Z adapter use started to get me thinking of ways to minimize the stress of an incompatible location. Here are my thoughts. Please add ideas and I'll see if I can add to the list as we go. Some newer...
  2. HaveBlue

    Inverter is non polarized. Can't insert stuff

    Who at rivian thought it was a good idea to make the 120v outlet non polarized so virtually nothing plugs into it?
  3. HaveBlue

    Newsom just signed sliding scale electric rates... Defeated

    You get surcharged on your home electricity according to your income tax return. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/energy/2922775/newsom-tax-rich-electricity-plan-increase-taxes-making-28000/
  4. HaveBlue

    Rivian UI really confusing

    When a button is Black it's on? When a button is White it's off? When a button is Black it's off? When a button is gray it's on? Wait, when it's dark gray it's not light gray it's off or on? Remember when it's dark out black is off but when it's light out black is on. Is Recirc enabled or...
  5. HaveBlue

    R2 under cover in Laguna!

  6. HaveBlue

    Clunking sound from front end.

    I think I have about 2000 miles and this car has an insane number of squeaks, rattles and clunks but one is particularly concerning and I was wondering if anyone else has had this. When going over a speed bump or control hump I get clunking noise from the front end. The rear is fine. It's not...
  7. HaveBlue

    AU building Toyota EV Landcruisers before Toyota does.

    This is probably the only way a 70 series would ever get to the USA anymore. I doubt Canada imports diesel ones. https://mevco.com/mevco-70-electric-utility-vehicles/
  8. HaveBlue

    Be careful. App may sign out.

    I'm at our cabin and the car is only half way up the 1/2 mile driveway as there's a few feet of snow and it's steep switchbacks. So we left it and hiked the rest. Just got a random warning that app is disabled and I can't use it for anything except as a key unless I log back in. If I sign out...
  9. HaveBlue

    Rivian doesn't cost less to drive on long trips

    Now that I've observed the vehicle on longer trips I'm realizing that there isn't much difference in cost per mile vs our V8 powered 2007 Lexus GX470 here in CA. GX: $5 per gal / 20mpg= .25 per mile R1S: $.50 per kw dcfc / 2 mi per kwh = .25 per mile What's everyone else seeing? Home charging...
  10. HaveBlue

    Ski weekend in Big Bear

    Fabulous weather even though it dropped into the teens overnight. The Rivian handles mountain roads like a sports car though we were chill and enjoying the scenery. Our house faces south so the snow has mostly melted and the road is a bit muddy and slippery. It's often a wonderland though...
  11. HaveBlue

    First towing trip to the beach: R1S + TrailManor Trailer

    Managed to get a camping spot at the beach and decided to take a long weekend from Los Angeles to the Santa Barbara area. First time towing with the R1S and I'm happy with the range efficiency. Our trailer is a folding hardshell trailer called a TrailManor. Towed it's about 20ft long with three...
  12. HaveBlue

    What are these indicators?

    Are driver+ and follow indicators? They don't seem to be in the guide.
  13. HaveBlue

    Calls get volume muted

    Not going to put a ticket in because I don't think service can fix this but wondering if anyone else sees this. Listen to music, like FM and then mute by pressing mute on the main screen volume slider; might also do it when pressing the left scroll wheel. Now make a bt phone call and you'll...
  14. HaveBlue

    2024 Tax credit

    Looks like the 2024 tax credit has the same qualifications as the current one but just an upfront credit now. Anyone know different? Basically the Rivian is too much to qualify in both cases. https://cleantechnica.com/2023/10/08/heres-what-happens-to-the-federal-ev-tax-credit-on-january-1-2024/
  15. HaveBlue

    Electrochromic Roof Glass in the ID7

    Super cool. Shame we didn't get that.
  16. HaveBlue

    RJ interview with the verge

    I was really impressed with this interview and how genuine his answers were. Not happy that he said the battery costs $8k-$10k and they want to charge me $10k to go to the max pack though.
  17. HaveBlue

    Cyber Truck doing tow testing

    Update: Why the Cybertruck is in Nevada = SAE J2807 Towing Test https://www.cybertruckownersclub.com/forum/threads/why-the-cybertruck-is-in-nevada-sae-j2807-towing-test.9226/
  18. HaveBlue

    Edmunds R1T vs Jeep Mojave

    I didn't see this posted here and it's a great comparison and looks like they had a blast. Hungry Valley SVRA North of LA Angeles is a fun off road park with a variety of beginner to intermediate obstacles. It also has a few trails outside the park that require a competent 4wd like Miller Jeep...