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  1. Thanksgiving Travel 2023: DC Charging Thread

    The US Department of Transportation Secretary has just said that this Thanksgiving travel will be the busiest in years. How is your Thanksgiving DC charging experience in 2023? Please share your stories here.
  2. R1T DM Large Pack 21" wheels, no additional options - $80,750

    Why not make it $79,999 so that the Federal Tax Credit could be applied?
  3. What's the best wheel size for range and tire longevity?

    I'm reconfiguring my reserved R1S, and I would like to get opinions about the wheel size. I own other EVs, and I know the problem with the tire longevity on EVs, which also affects Rivian vehicles. What's the best wheel size to get the best selection of tires available for the Rivian...
  4. Locking an R1S DM with max pack reservation

    This week, I received three emails from Rivian, advising me that I should lock my reservation. I am on the fence right now for a few reasons. Today, I received a call from the Rivian Service Center, telling me that I should lock my reservation, and that I can get the delivery one to four months...
  5. Desirability of the Rivians with the CCS charge port

    Now that Rivian has announced its move to the NACS charging connector specification, will you take delivery of your order with the CCS charge port?
  6. Going on a 6,000 mile trip... take the ID.4 or Model Y ?

    Need to drive to Quebec City, stay in Quebec for 6 weeks, and drive back to Atlanta. I have two vehicles: ID.4 and Model Y. The distance is 1,400 each way. The rest of the mileage will be in Quebec. CCS charging infrastructure is good in Quebec. A two-stall DCFC (50 kW and 100 kW) about...