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  1. Polar

    Toyo Open Country A/T EV tires mounted (will update over weekend test)

    Any word about the TPM sensor when they mounted the tires?
  2. Polar

    45mph speed limit in high mode

    Sensors are for the weak. You might say… Prius drivers. Also it’s spelled dual, chief.
  3. Polar

    Torsion bar under tailgate flap

    Been there. Done this as well.
  4. Polar

    45mph speed limit in high mode

    Off-road Rally You’re welcome.
  5. Polar

    RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plates Rivian R1T R1S Development

    Just asking probably again, if there are plans to replace the silver plastic piece at the top of your image?
  6. Polar

    Ultra Wheels at Tire Rack

    Its offset is 30 mm different so I’ll definitely move the wheel and tire outward. Same offset as the Dodge ram wheels.
  7. Polar

    Wrapping skid plate

    Last fall - $350 for front and rear chrome Glad I got it done
  8. Polar

    Parking Garage Structural Rating (Inquiry)

    Yeaaaahhhhhh 😅
  9. Polar

    California Clipper Creek HCS-40 level 2 charger good condition

    Just a bump for a rock solid charger. Personally used one for 10 years before I sold it for the exact same reasons as @davekarow
  10. Polar

    Commuting Concerns on a Packed Ferry Boat

    If you’re that concerned about the 12V just sit in your truck the entire time with the headlights turned off in park still in ready mode. Problem solved. Those little tractors, the Washington state fairy guys use to pull cars can pull trucks and semis off the ferry as well. I don’t think a...
  11. Polar

    Volvo EX30... larger than expected... will it be available in the USA before the R2?

    It’s already out* … so yeah it’ll beat the R2 to market. *just not in the US yet 😉 As a ‘22 C40 owner and EX90 preorder holder; it’s exciting to see a low cost Geely… I mean Volvo EV hit the market.
  12. Polar

    Backup camera

    This is the way
  13. Polar

    Prinsu Pro Roof Rack on R1S - install photos & review

    Just another love for roof rack image - prior to red flag of course.
  14. Polar

    R1T: Full throttle to the floor, not seeing full power on meter

    I would try to invoke launch mode and see if you see Max Power that way. From a rolling start, there could be some limitation.
  15. Polar

    KO3 tires installed on 20" steel wheels rims

    So… no margin. Copy. So they are the same rims. God speed OP.
  16. Polar

    KO3 tires installed on 20" steel wheels rims

    So - there will be a stamp on the rim. Like this @HAL9000 what is the load capacity of those rims. I’m willing to be it is 800kgs per rim; math that out and it’s ~1600 lbs load rating PER RIM on a 7,000 truck. Work fine though for early ‘00 1500 Rams as designed. @krockett - I bought and...
  17. Polar

    My Passenger Side Rivian Badge Has Come Off

    3M VHB, and an alcohol wipe boom you’re done