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  1. av8or

    all EV stock jumped +10%

    Game Stop beat them all today because of a meme. Up 95% 🤷‍♂️
  2. av8or

    Cruise Control Fail While Towing

    I have had this happen when towing, but mine was more sporadic and random. I think it has something to do with a poor connection in the 7 pin plug. I’ve been spraying electrical cleaner in the 7 pin and the trailer cord about everything other time I tow and it hasn’t happened since. Also a nice...
  3. av8or

    So frustrated with service I'm ready to sell my Rivian

    I’m sorry that this is happening and I completely understand your frustration. It’s very interesting how different service centers have different processes and customer experience. I’ve heard this enough to know it’s a real problem at many locations, it’s just so completely different from my...
  4. av8or

    Any leaks around 2024.15 yet?

    🤐🤫🤐🤫 I would expect it to be later than usual. I shall not say another word on the subject. 🤐
  5. av8or

    Got a ticket in my Rivian...

    Completely flat lined.
  6. av8or

    Reno to Tucson... Can't get there from here.

    Firebaugh is now open too!
  7. av8or

    Increased tire noise from OEM Pirelli 20" ATs after 13k miles

    I could have got 35-40k out of them, but at 30k I couldn’t take it anymore.
  8. av8or

    Is range improvement over time possible?

    Most likely it’s the warmer weather that’s giving you improvements. I have been enjoying much improved efficiency since it’s started to warm up.
  9. av8or

    I swear headlines these days.

    This is interesting and candid. One thing that I find interesting is that cost is important for the purchase price, but not operating cost. Depending on the fuel mileage of your icev it’s 75-80% less to operate a bev, which can help tremendously with payments. The closest thing to compete with...
  10. av8or

    7-pin power to trailer LiB while driving

    It reads between 13.4-13.7 volts. The R1T does a much better job of charging the battery than my Jeep. The Jeep uses a fuel saving strategy that basically shuts of the alternator when it senses the battery is full charge. The problem I’ve run into with the Jeep is when the Jeep battery is full...
  11. av8or

    7-pin power to trailer LiB while driving

    I have a 100Ah lfp battery in my travel trailer and the truck recharges it fine. It’s always back to 100% by the end of the day when driving. At night I always unplug the seven pin plug even if staying hooked up. I’ve now tow the setup 3000 miles with no issues.
  12. av8or

    I swear headlines these days.

    I just about can’t stand any news agency anymore! They contradict themselves every other day. Just needed to vent a little.
  13. av8or

    R1T towing an inTech Sol Dawn

    Keep us posted, that’s a really good looking setup. I’ll be interested to see if the shape nets better efficiency than the box I tow. BTW we took our trailer from Portland, OR to Palm Springs, CA and back. Overall it was easy and we only had to unhook a few times to charge.
  14. av8or

    Leather Friction Sound When Retracting Steering Wheel

    Cool. It’s worked for me and many others in the past, but do it your way.
  15. av8or

    Leather Friction Sound When Retracting Steering Wheel

    Try recalibrating the steering wheel in settings.