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  1. Mister Person

    Apple & Rivian Reportedly in Partnership Talks

    Apple screwed up not buying Tesla when they had the chance. This could simply be Tim Apple's FOMO.
  2. Mister Person

    Chicago Rivian Enthusiasts

    Anyone have their Glacier White R1S Quad with 20's and a bike rack parked on Argyle St. over the weekend? I wanted to pull my R1S out of the garage and park next to you but there wasn't room. :)
  3. Mister Person

    Will Rivian NACS adapter allow charging with just V3 and V4 Tesla superchargers?

    Go to Tesla.com/findus and filter for "open to NACS". Those are the chargers that will be available to Rivian owners (in addition to magic dock superchargers, but there aren't many of those). Hint: it's v3+ superchargers.
  4. Mister Person

    Now Available: 2024.07.02 Software Update: Tesla Supercharger Access Coming Soon, Navigation Improvements, Room Entry And Exit Enhancements & More

    N=1 anecdotal experience: Initiated the update from the iOS app, then made dinner. Couple hours later checked the app and it still said "preparing update". Went to the vehicle and the infotainment screen still said "preparing update". Called support, they had me do a hard reset, and sent a note...
  5. Mister Person

    R3 & R3X hands-on / driving video, photos, impressions (by Jason Camissa)

    I hope this little window is super strong...
  6. Mister Person

    R3X Reveal Shocks Even More!!! 🤯

    I'm not sure what that has to do with my comment. I'm talking about the 2 windows that are presumably part of the door.
  7. Mister Person

    R3X Reveal Shocks Even More!!! 🤯

    This window configuration on the 2nd row door is interesting. I take it the small trapezoid-shaped window doesn't roll down, so when the larger window is down and the door opens, that little window is just sticking up by itself. I think that would look pretty odd.
  8. Mister Person

    Additional RAN locations on map from R2/R3/R3X reveal event

    Right you are. Thanks. Well, at least the Canadian locations are different, so we still know it's an updated map.
  9. Mister Person

    Additional RAN locations on map from R2/R3/R3X reveal event

    It looks similar but it is slightly different, which is encouraging because it gives more weight to this new map. The original locations can be found here if you filter for "RAN projections (prior to December 5th, 2022)". An example the original map did NOT have Traverse City, Mackinaw City, or...
  10. Mister Person

    R3X Reveal Shocks Even More!!! 🤯

    Look at this "Powered Tent" accessory for R3 (at least). From the Rivian X post:
  11. Mister Person

    ⚡️ Rivian announces: March Tesla Supercharger access & free NACS adapters!

    I don't know about Supercharger versions, but all the "Open to NACS" sites appear to be 250Kw, while the ones not opening are 150Kw. But anyway take your "should" and toss it. Tesla deserves the market position they've created.
  12. Mister Person

    Chicago Rivian Enthusiasts

    Agreed. I have family in Appleton & Neenah. But we also head to northern MI a lot and this doesn't help there, at least north of Grand Rapids. Hopefully, eventually, Tesla will replace their older chargers in Big Rapids and Cadillac with newer versions. Or Rivian opens RAN chargers there. One...
  13. Mister Person

    Chicago Rivian Enthusiasts

    These are the Tesla chargers that will become available to us this month. This will help getting into WI but not much help heading to northern MI. Just FYI. This is the Tesla.com/findus map filtered to just show "Superchargers Open to NACS".
  14. Mister Person

    App 2.7.0 released

    Same thing happened to me. Had to restart my iPhone for it to start working again.
  15. Mister Person

    CONCERN: RIVN have enough cash to to go beyond 2025 and launch R2?

    Not only that but he looked to be in a cold sweat. His upper lip was moist. Not a good look.
  16. Mister Person

    Is this the R2 spotted in the wild?

    I vote real. Looks great too.
  17. Mister Person

    Massive decline in mileage

    ICE vehicles “disappear” 70% of the energy paid for in gas, while also seeing degraded cold weather performance. Oh, also gas spoils.
  18. Mister Person

    Rivian misses Q4 delivery estimates, but beats 2023 annual production forecast

    The estimates were for 14,430 deliveries, so they were off by 458. Still seems like an overreaction.
  19. Mister Person

    Rivian misses Q4 delivery estimates, but beats 2023 annual production forecast

    Deliveries and registrations are the key number. Rivian can produce all the product they want but if people aren't taking delivery and registering their vehicles the market will notice. Stock is down almost 10% this morning.