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  1. rraj2k81

    Earth Day Drive - Ontario - Toronto Premium Outlets - April 21st, 2024

    Hello Folks! The organizers of the Rivian Owners Ontario Facebook group is having an Earth Day Drive. Here are the details: Date and Time : Sunday April 21st 10AM Meetup Location : Electrify Canada charging station at Toronto Premium Outlets Coffe before Depart : Higher Ground Cafe in...
  2. rraj2k81

    3 years of waiting and finally my first demo drive.

    So I finally had a chance to get my demo/test drive done today. I got into a Rivian Blue R1S with OC and the AT tires. After three years of waiting here is what I thought of this vehicle. Things that I liked and that genuinely surprised me: 1. Ocean Coast - One of if not the best interiors I...
  3. rraj2k81

    How-to: Watch videos on the Center Display Screen (FOR NOW)

    So looks like some one has figured out a way to watch videos on the R1's center display, Rivian R1T And R1S Owners Figured Out How To Play Videos On The Central Display (insideevs.com) Not sure how long this will be allowed, if Rivian decides to block this functionality
  4. rraj2k81

    Ontario Order Holders - Test Drives/First Mile Events

    For all those who are expecting or have confirmed deliveries this month into January, have Rivian offered test drives ? Did they mention anything about offering first mile events or test drives for all order holders ?
  5. rraj2k81

    Rivians have landed in Ontario Canada!

    Rivians have finally landed on the shores of Ontario, at the Vaughan Service Center. Took a lunch time trip up to Vaughan to check out the Rivians. There were 2 R1Ts (Limestone, White) and 2 R1S (Forest Green, Rivian Blue). My choice has been FG, but they are not that flattering in real life...
  6. rraj2k81

    Driving through Southern France in an EV - Nothing to do with Rivian.

    This post is not related to a Rivian/Rivian ownership, but thought I would share my experience driving an EV in a European country to put into context the EV infrastucture and challenges we face in NA. ** PSA : This is a bit of a long writeup. Also TRIGGER WARNING for AA/Carplay Advocates. **...
  7. rraj2k81

    Tesla Charging cannot be the standard NA adopts to.

    Came across this article in the Newyorker, Elon Musk’s Shadow Rule | The New Yorker and a couple of quotes stood out, 'Elon desperately wants the world to be saved. But only if he can be the one to save it.” “Living in the world we live in, in which Elon runs this company and it is a private...
  8. rraj2k81

    Rivian Wall Charger Deliveries

    I asked Rivian support to see if I can get the wall charger that is in my order, but I can only get it once my R1 is ready or after it has been delivered. For those who have got your R1s here in Canada, have you got the wall charger if you ordered one ? What type of time lines are you getting...
  9. rraj2k81

    Measurement Canada approves per kWh charging pricing.

    Looks like per kWh charging rates will be coming s00n, https://driveteslacanada.ca/supercharger/measurement-canada-approves-per-kwh-billing-for-teslas-supercharger-network-and-other-dc-fast-charging-providers/
  10. rraj2k81

    RAN CCS DCFC vs Third Party CCS (i.e. EA Chargers) comparison

    Has any one done or would be able to do a comparison of charging at a RAN DC fast charger vs a third party like EA to see if the RAN DC fast chargers have a better CCS charging implementation. Would love to know if Rivian is doing a better job at doing CCS charging especially if they are...
  11. rraj2k81

    I want the Hummer SUV !!!

    Yes, I know it's the gas guzzling version of an EV, Yes, I know it's really inefficient Yes, I know I will never be able to complete an overnight charge with my 40A L2 charger Yes, I know it's heavy, Yes, I know impractical So, I said after all the reviews of the truck and decided the SUV is...
  12. rraj2k81

    R1S Canada (Quebec) Sighting

    Came across this post from the Rivian Canada FB group. There is no mention of what plates were on the S. Spotted à St-Sauveur, QC
  13. rraj2k81

    Save Configuration by January 15th - To update delivery estimate

    So got this email, and as expected we are not going to get updated estimated delivery windows till end of January. And they are asking every one to save their configuration by January 15th, Estimated delivery windows are scheduled to be updated at the end of January. Please save any...
  14. rraj2k81

    Crabwalk by Hyundai - eCorner System

    Looks like Hyundai is getting into the Crabwalk craze, Hyundai managed to put its 'crab-walking' e-Corner technology into an Ioniq EV (engadget.com) Hyundai Crabwalk
  15. rraj2k81

    Ben and JLO's Midnight Black R1S spotted

    Ben Affleck got a MB R1S. So, how long do we think he had to wait for his R1 /sarcasm. Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Spotted Cruising In A New Rivian R1S (insideevs.com)
  16. rraj2k81

    Vinfast and Lucid at Yorkdale Mall (Ontario)

    Looks like Vinfast and Lucid are already making a buzz in Ontario by creating a showroom at Yorkdale mall and Rivian is missing out on the party.
  17. rraj2k81

    Canadian International Auto Show 2023 - Rivian Show/No Show(?)

    With CIAS returning this year, what is the over/under that Rivian shows up here. Hi Tony, @Rivian If you are reading this, the CIAS would be a good place to get some exposure to the Canadian Market and maybe showcase the brand and models to your Canadian Pre-order holders who are living in...
  18. rraj2k81

    JerryRigEverything - Ford F150 Lightning Factory Tour

    JerryRigEverything was given access to the Dearborn Michigan F150 Lightning factory for a tour, How to build a Ford F-150 Lightning? - Full Factory Tour! - YouTube
  19. rraj2k81

    Watch out Rivian - Here comes Jeep - Jeep Avenger EV Review

    Based on this review, Jeep seems to have gotten a lot right with their very first EV. 2023 Jeep Avenger Review: An EV to get excited about! - YouTube If there is ever a company that is going to compete with Rivian, especially the R1S it is going to be Jeep. So, the Avenger will be a good...
  20. rraj2k81

    Tesla opens up their EV connector design to the world (North American Standard)

    Tesla is opening up their proprietary charging solution, Opening the North American Charging Standard | Tesla Hopefully this will improve the CCS standard, or Tesla will get more to adapt to their standard. Whatever it is this is a good move (whatever their motive is).