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  1. No_Name5330

    Seat won’t recall

    Today when I got in the car and I put it into drive, the seat settings didn’t recall to the driving position and it showed this: so I went to the service menu and I calibrated the drivers seat but it gave me an error: then I went into the RIDE menu and recalibrated everything and lone behold...
  2. No_Name5330

    R1S won’t charge

    I took delivery 2 weeks ago of a 2023 quad motor large pack R1S and the vehicle has been perfect with one exception, it won’t charge. So I get home from a week long trip which I left the car plugged in and I go for a short drive, plug the car in, and it won’t charge! When I plugged it in it...
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  4. No_Name5330

    Different EPA estimates for reservation vs visualize

    This might be a dumb post but i was looking at some things and saw that the EPA range estimates showed 324 miles for my reservation and 274 miles in the configurator. both trucks were configured the same (large pack, quad motor, all terrain package)- is this just a bug or am i missing something?
  5. No_Name5330

    Anyone taken delivery of R1T with the Max Pack?

    Has any one taken delivery of their R1T with the Max Pack?