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  1. New R2 rendering based on patent images

    I don't care if I'm proven wrong. I will just be disappointed. While maintaining a consistent design language is important for brand recognition, it doesn't mean creating identical models. There should be enough variation to meet the specific needs and preferences of different consumer...
  2. New R2 rendering based on patent images

    Nope. There's no way R2 looks similar to the R1. There should be a differentiating factor between the flagship and the non-flagship models.
  3. Kneel Mode stresses suspension?

    The only problem being the Service Center, lol. It's 200 miles away, so I would like to avoid anything that might cause an issue. Unfortunate as it is!
  4. How To Ruin Your Electric Car's Battery (3 Common Mistakes) - Engineering Explained

    What you are doing is mostly enough. But just in case you want it to take it to the next step, the video suggests that it's better to charge after every trip. A bunch of small charges is better than infrequent more depth charges. So don't wait until it comes down to 30%, just charge it till...
  5. Door Sill Protection for your Rivian now available from DCE!

    Could you share some photos if possible?
  6. OTA 2023.50.01 Software is Out! (w/ departure & preconditioning scheduling)!

    But here's the thing - One can still pre-condition the vehicle manually through the phone app. You could have done this 5 - 10 mins before you left. :) I still plan to do this manually as I do not have a specific schedule for my day-to-day activities, so this automatic pre-conditioning is not...
  7. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Delivered R1S Owners List and Stats [Enter Yours]!

    Added. Preordered mine on Jan 24, 2022 and picked it up on Dec 22, 2023.
  8. Rivian Tax Credit Email

    I have the binding agreement but yet to amend my 2022 taxes. Wondering if I should sign the seller report to have it as a backup in case, I'm not able to get the $7,500 tax credit. Rivian did confirm signing the seller report does not void the binding order agreement.
  9. Difference Between Launch Edition and Adventure Package?

    This is my exact concern. I obtained the Shop access last week and I have been noticing Launch Editions pretty much every day but my fear of obtaining an older model is what is preventing me from proceeding. Is there any way that we can opt out at a later time if we know that it's an older build?
  10. latest VIN for R1S

    Can someone decode to me what the first 3 numbers mean?
  11. The Best and Worst Car Colors for Resale Value

    A lot depends on the make/model. As you mentioned about Ferrari, I'm pretty sure most people would prefer a red Ferrari as compared to any other colors mentioned above it. When you think Ferrari, one immediately associates Red with it.