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  1. Polar

    3D CupHolders 2nd Row

    I can’t for the life of me find the original thread - I am sure it was on this forum - but I have the thank the creator of the shared STL (that is now on printables). These are amazing - and I love printing with 2020’s tech parts that were popular in the 1970’s.
  2. Polar

    But I want it now…

    Ordered the newly released Prinsu Pro rack for my R1S… my yellow powder coated grab handles have shipped, but still waiting on the rack. 🕰 Nothing of substance… just whining.
  3. Polar

    Washington Sold: FS: OEM CrossBars $500 - Seattle (Pending)

    Decided to go with a full RoofRack - bars were mounted at delivery have lived in garage since. Both keys included as shown. Located in North Seattle, but will be in Portland later next week. **Willing to split - if there are two interested parties in a single.
  4. Polar

    Now we need a Cyber Orange Bronco to show up!

    When you park by a Jeep - Off-road Highest!
  5. Polar

    Weight - WheelSets and Efficiency

    I just want to bring up - light weight wheel sets (wheels and tires) will not positively impact highway range in the way many of you expect when you drool over the most lightweight tires and wheels out there. City driving is a whole different ball of wax - but few care about efficiency near...
  6. Polar

    Cheers to Discount Tire - Lynnwood Wa

    Thanks @Discount Tire for your shop up in Lynnwood the team up there today, Chris and crew who did my rotation and balance were courteous and careful. 5400 miles was time to get a rotation done on my Scorps. Even cleaned up the mating surface between my rotors and wheels. Was in and out in...
  7. Polar

    Stupid App Request - Relative Height

    Pulled it in my parking garage at work today and decided to put it in off-road all-terrain highest. Can’t let my fellow EV drivers know how tall my Rivian will be when I’m charging. Sometimes I’m in sport lowest. And to that point, it would be funny/nice if the app would show your wheel...
  8. Polar

    North Bend - Snow Run water crossing

    Tried to upload the Garmin Dashcam video here - keeps failing so excuse the Imgur link. Puddle Crossing This was the way back, the first time through was much calmer. Compared to our on-board drive cam -
  9. Polar

    Trip Status - more than A/B

    Is there a way to view current trip status (not just the 15 min efficiency map)? What I’m curious about is there is in addition to Trip A and Trip B we could have “Current trip” and “Lifetime trip” I searched and came up short - I drive for work a lot and use trip A and B a lot to track...
  10. Polar

    When you let the intrusive thoughts win.

    I swear my first drive through the puddle was 100% safe, sane and legal…
  11. Polar

    How to Access Fuse Panel on Passenger Side?

    So I poked my head in under the dash - haven’t started taking anything apart yet. So going to check in here - as a search for “Passenger Fuse” didn’t lead to my answer. Anyone have a summary of what panels need to come off to get to the passenger fuse panel? My goal is to use a fuse tap to...
  12. Polar

    Lapped the Olympic Peninsula today with R1S

    Solid loop today - hit both a magicdock and a RAN - great day.
  13. Polar

    Woohoo 🙌 Supercharge Magicdock

    I knew it would work - but I still got super excited when it clicked over to green. Forks, Washington - yes there are lots of Twilight fans here.
  14. Polar

    All wheel inflation - for cheap

    Picked up a cheaply made 4 tire inflator with locking closed flow chucks - and it’s working great and is super compact due to the small cheap vinyl hose. I’m in $40 for this - which is a quarter the cost of other off-road inflation kits. It’s also long enough - it would have cost more in parts...
  15. Polar

    🎃 Frumpkins 🎃

    You can fit (slaps hood) four whole pumpkins in this baby!!
  16. Polar

    Truck Stuff - B Grade

    4x8 Lattice - 5 sheets and 16 2x2s Cannot (as expected) fit a full 4x8 sheet - my 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager is still unmatched in that regard. And no reassuring way to secure hatch with a tie down or strap (when you can’t shut it fully). Tie downs did their jobs very well. Inside view was...
  17. Polar

    Rivian Financing - Which credit bureau do they check?

    Hey all - finalizing our steps and taking care of financing now. My wife and I are just going to use Rivian‘s internal financing. Due to previous credit fraud we both keep our credit frozen at all three credit bureaus. Does anyone know which credit bureau Rivian does the credit check on when...
  18. Polar

    Incoming Compass Yellow R1S Purchase! Registration questuon

    Hey all! My Compass Yellow launch edition is on its way to the Bellevue SC!!! I have a question regarding Washington registration. I would love to get a personalized plate right away. Is this something my guide could possibly help with. I have asked, but had no response so far. I really don’t...
  19. Polar

    Got to drive an R1T **(not R1S)** yesterday - Dang!

    I’ve been an EV convert since buying my 2012 Leaf. Currently driving both a MachE and C40 - the R1S is at another level! It was truly ridiculous the performance of that truck. I cannot wait to get my R1S now! /well shit - R1T - my damn autocorrect changed it to R1S since I type that way more...