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  1. 1T2022

    all EV stock jumped +10%

    WallStreet has heart transplant weekend?
  2. 1T2022

    RIVN up up up

    finally a good news!!! Rivian got $827m incentive from IL.
  3. 1T2022

    Vision only (vs Lidar) does not make sense

    See how Lidar performs
  4. 1T2022

    Lucid per car loss is crazy

    "On top of lower deliveries, Lucid’s losses are piling up. The EV maker’s net loss reached $2.17 billion through the first nine months of the year. In Q3, Lucid lost around $433,000 on every EV it made."
  5. 1T2022

    New Jersey Sold: BRAND NEW: Rivian manual tonneau

    still in Rivian shipping box, unopened. Local pick up in NJ. $1000. Thank you.
  6. 1T2022

    Will Rivian change mind on acquiring ABRP (in light of joining Tesla Supercharger)?

    in light of joining Tesla superCharger
  7. 1T2022

    Give Rivian a break

    "GM’s other EVs didn’t add much to the total, with Cadillac Lyriq sales reaching 968 and a measly two Hummer EV pickups were sold in Q1." It's not easy. Ford shut down F150 lightning and Mach-E for several weeks. Rivian did a great job simultaneously ramping up 3 different models.
  8. 1T2022

    New Jersey R1T for sale

    The Rivian purchase is You-Only-Live-Once toy for me. I don't need a truck. But on the bright side, my wife surprisingly enjoys it. She often takes it to work and shopping. Although she still doesn't know how to operate gear tunnel and tailgate. I even doubt she remembers there is a gear tunnel...
  9. 1T2022

    Took delivery R1T today at NewYork

    Drop my trade-in and out within 15 mins. I was quite sleepy. Just signed and drove away quickly. Truck looks good though. Here are some luck one's R1S and R1T finishing QC.
  10. 1T2022

    VIN out of order?

    New to this forum. My impression is that R1T VIN is already at 14000 plus. Why does new vehicle have VIN 13000? Thank you.