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  1. Mister Person

    R1S Road Report: Chicago to Northern Michigan

    Over the weekend I took my first longer road trip with my R1S, from Chicago to Northern Michigan. It's about a 375-mile one way trip. The R1S performed flawlessly and charging was a breeze (after a slight EA hiccup in Cadillac, MI). I used a mixture of All Purpose and Conserve. Nov 4: Left...
  2. Mister Person

    New Illinois Rebate Program - Rivian Dealer License Number?

    The new rebate program opens today. The application has a section for the dealership and requires a dealer license number and for it to be signed by a dealership representative. Did anyone happen to fill this out for the previous funding round in 2022? If so, how did you fill out this section of...
  3. Mister Person

    UPDATED RANT: Rivian Service Centers are a poorly managed drain on the company

    I have a cold and feel grouchy. Rivian Service Centers waste precious capital and customer goodwill. They rent vehicles for customers when their R1s are in the shop for way too long, and they are inefficient and communicate poorly leading to customer aggravation and burnout. Took my R1S in to...
  4. Mister Person

    CFO at Global Automotive Summit - “Rivian RT”?

    Here’s the Rivian CFO giving an informative interview with discussion on production issues and ramp, pricing models, etc. The interview asked repeatedly about the “RT” product, and Claire even responded to it in the last question. It’s definitely not the R1T, or any R2 vehicle. I’ve never come...
  5. Mister Person

    GM plans to remove Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from EVs.

    https://www.reuters.com/technology/gm-plans-phase-out-apple-carplay-evs-with-googles-help-2023-03-31/ Interesting twist, and as I assumed was the case with Rivian, they want to be the ones to capture data. In this age of machine learning and future AI-enabled enhancements, data is a goldmine...
  6. Mister Person

    Official Announcement: R1S Max Pack/Enduro/390 mile range

    Well this is interesting.
  7. Mister Person

    Rivian to be added to Nasdaq 100 index

    Seems like good news for investors: The Nasdaq 100's new members will include Rivian Automotive and Warner Bros. Discovery
  8. Mister Person

    Tesla to add Apple Music, hopefully Rivian follows suit

    While not full CarPlay, adding Apple Music would be enough to satisfy me. I'm fully invested in the Apple services and devices ecosystem, so not wasn't going to be using the onboard Spotify. I really hope Rivian considers doing the same here...
  9. Mister Person

    R1S Design Appreciation - Chonky Goodness

    I just love this thing. Personally I find the design of most new cars these days to be over stated and gaudy. Everything looks like it was designed by a marketing committee instead of artists. But not the R1S. It's so chonky while also being modern. I friggin' can't wait to get mine (1H23)...
  10. Mister Person

    Rivian Fiscal Year?

    Anyone know when Rivian's fiscal year ends?