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  1. Iwannarivian

    Is there anyway/where to update charging station info within the Rivian Nav system?

    I have just come to realize that most, if not all, the Francis Energy charging points in the Edmond/OKC area are wrongly labeled as 150kw. They are all 50kw…I wouldn’t have bothered had I known the real speed! Even had nav filter set to 150kw and above and they all show up. Is there a way to...
  2. Iwannarivian

    Texas New R1T for Sale (Austin Area) SOLD!

    Listing a R1T for a friend who took delivery in the Austin area, but sadly doesn’t want/need vehicle anymore. 68 miles, Adventure Edition, Glacier White, Black Mountain, 21” road wheel/tires…pictures are attached. He‘s asking $120,000 BTW, it has a powered tonneau!!!! PM me if you are truly...
  3. Iwannarivian

    Latest aero mod 😈

    After many hours of careful scrutinizing and painstaking aerodynamic testing…. This is mod has been tested throughly and has proven to add 100 smiles per mile to your R1T range.😵🤣😎
  4. Iwannarivian

    Window trim lifting

    Has anyone else had issue with trim work lifting/delaminating/ungluing? My rear passenger window trim has lifted up on front side. Looks like maybe glue that let go…
  5. Iwannarivian

    4100+ mile review of things that need a look at!

    So just put 4145 miles on my R1T with multiple 120 mile out-and-back trips logged. Plus a 500+ mile each way road trip. Here are my gripes: 1. I have noticed while using the nav while traveling (especially as a 1st time EVer) I like to know EXACTLY how much range is left and am constantly...
  6. Iwannarivian

    Kayaking & Outdoors - really starting to enjoy the R1T and its abilities!

    Really starting to enjoy the R1T and it abilities! Off-roading to site, check. Ability to inflate kayaks, check. Loving all the storage options and ability to keep all the dirty gear in its space, and keep a clean and comfortable cabin!