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  1. No_Name5330

    My Luck Finally Ran Out, But The Denver Service Center Is THE Best!

    I’m glad to hear your service experience went well. My personal experience with the Salt Lake City service center wasn’t quite so great but nothing to complain about. I’m just jealous about the 7 day turn around! When I had my HV battery replaced, they were baby sitting the S for 3 weeks.
  2. No_Name5330

    Anyone Rallycrossed a R1S?

    That could be a pretty rough ride! I’d recommend going into rally mode and sticking with standard ride height.
  3. No_Name5330

    Air hose elbow adapter recommendations?

    What air hose are you using? I’ve been looking for one so I don’t have to pack up the awful one that came with the truck!
  4. No_Name5330

    Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    Same as me...on mobile....that VIN and purchase date don't show up. Must be a mobile thing.... Scroll down and you’ll see more info, I’m on mobile too.
  5. No_Name5330

    Regen Breaking Squeaking Noise

    This was happening to me after I went off-roading and came upon some mud, I was surprised to hear it but it went away after a minute so I shrugged it off.
  6. No_Name5330

    What is to the left of my backup camera?

    This is true. Sometimes you have to hold the button for a long time to get it to work however.
  7. No_Name5330

    Seat won’t recall

    Yes that is what, I tried sorry I wasn’t clear. Maybe I’ll try that one more time and then do a hard reset.
  8. No_Name5330

    List your Rivian (Enterprise) provided loaner car during service

    I got a base model jeep gladiator for a couple weeks while they replaced the battery on my R1S. It was insanely loud and the heater and 4 wheel drive were spotty during the week that it snowed 4 feet!
  9. No_Name5330

    Seat won’t recall

    Today when I got in the car and I put it into drive, the seat settings didn’t recall to the driving position and it showed this: so I went to the service menu and I calibrated the drivers seat but it gave me an error: then I went into the RIDE menu and recalibrated everything and lone behold...
  10. No_Name5330

    Random Rivian Photos of the Day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    Today I watched a Rivian show up to a corvette car meet🤣 let’s just say there were some looks!!
  11. No_Name5330

    Utah Rivian Club

    Thanks for the input! I’ve been to the taco truck and it’s amazing!
  12. No_Name5330

    Utah Rivian Club

    @Trooper thanks for the info!
  13. No_Name5330

    Random Rivian Photos of the Day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    Here’s a couple pics in Escalate Utah. We had two Rivians this year and next year we should have 4 in our crew!
  14. No_Name5330

    20" Nitto Recon Grappler AT tires 25% more efficient than Pirelli OEM AT! The holy grail!

    How has everyone’s wet performance been? On nittos website I saw a lot of reviews where they said they were a great tire but once it gets wet they’re sliding all over the place.
  15. No_Name5330

    Cybertrucks in the wild - quick comment

    This is creative…