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  1. johstacy

    ECRC Day at the Beach

    Here are some photos from the Emerald City Rivian Club day at the beach (today)
  2. johstacy

    is Rivian Style still around

    went to the Rivian Style web site and it seems to be down https://rivianstyle.com/ are they no longer in business?
  3. johstacy

    Stopping the Rivian app from auto starting

    Ok I clicked something in the Rivian app that now when I force the app to shutdown to keep it from unlocking my truck the app is now auto starting. does anyone know how to keep the app from auto starting so that when I kill the app it will not restart until I click the app? I am running an...
  4. johstacy

    2023 Look-Ahead with Rivian VP of Manufacturing Operations, Tim Fallon

    Incase you don't troll YouTube Like I do
  5. johstacy

    Off-Road day trip w/ Emerald City Rivian Club (ECRC)

    Today I got to meet up with a bunch of Rivian's with a ton of configurations during the Emerald City Rivian Club Off-Road event. did a quick slide show of the event I think we had a total of 27 Rivian's show up for this.
  6. johstacy

    Aftermarket Rock Sliders options?

    I'm in the market for Rock Sliders and I know I have seen a couple posts of people creating Rock sliders. Question I have is how many aftermarket Rock Sliders are there for the R1T? And are any of them ready to purchase. I will start a list below of what I know about and please let me know what...
  7. johstacy

    Charging door not opening via touch

    I have this random issue and I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. Once in a while (seems more lately) my charging door will not open when you touch the 3 lines no matter what I do. To get it to open I have to into the infotainment center and open if from there. but when I do that...
  8. johstacy

    Heat pump or resistive heat

    Does anyone know does the Rivian use a Heat Pump or resistive heat for providing heat in the vehicle?
  9. johstacy

    Losing range while charging???

    Ok I think I am losing my mind! So yesterday I didn't need my truck so I pugged it in to my portable charger on a 110 outlet figured if I am not using it I will trickle charge the truck. (no I don't have my charger installed yet that happens in Jan) I have done this many times and I pick up...
  10. johstacy

    Experience: Snow Mode is great on pavement w/ compact snow & ice, but All Terrain Mode is better for deep snow

    Ok so we got the new Snow Mode and I have taken the time to put it through it's paces... The new Snow mode works great on pavement that has compact snow and ice on it and I do like the low regen in that scenario and the soft acceleration however outside of that I couldn't find anything better...
  11. johstacy

    All weather floor mats logos are black

    Sooo I got my cargo bars and all weather floor mats yesterday and I am sad to report that the floor mats Rivian logo is all black now and not yellow... I know it's a small thing but I really wanted the mats with the yellow logo
  12. johstacy

    Android app and climate control -- getting error when trying to warm up cabin

    When I try to "warm up" the cabin using the Rivian app it fails with an error saying it Climate controls didn't start. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  13. johstacy

    Android App and phone battery usage

    Wondering if anyone else is seeing this issue but ever since I got my Rivian and my phone became my key the Rivian App consumes 33% + of my phone battery life each day. has anyone else had this issue?
  14. johstacy

    What is a good charger adaptor?

    is there a good package for charger adaptors for the R1T that can be purchased and used for not only Tesla but other chargers as well?
  15. johstacy

    I got her home!!

    Took Delivery today and I am completely blown away!
  16. johstacy

    PPF Durability Comparison Test: XPEL vs Avery, Stek, 3M

    I ran a crossed this video it's a little over a year old but it goes over some of the PPF solutions out there including XPEL. I found it interesting maybe you will too.
  17. johstacy

    Overlanding and the R1T

    All, I don't have my Rivian yet though I am on step 6 of 8! I was wondering are there any built in Overlanding tools in the infotainment system for the R1T? If so what are they and do you know if Rivian is planning for future tools. Would be kind of nice if they had a dev blog or something.