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  1. NY_Rob

    Rivian Scale Model Cars Coming Soon 😉

    Cool... I can put it on the shelf next to my 13' Boston Whaler 50th Anniversary display model!
  2. NY_Rob

    Level 3 extension cable?

    Problems arise in areas where the SC facilities are generally very busy.. to charge your Rivian from a short cord SC you would need to wait for two adjacent spots to open up, then you would have to take both spots. So what do you do.. wait your turn and take the next open spot then wait further...
  3. NY_Rob

    "Exit truck and stay away..." DCFC battery alert

    Maybe the OP can change the thread title from.. "Exit truck and stay away..." DCFC battery alert to.. "Exit truck and stay away..." 12 Volt battery alert to aid in future search results?
  4. NY_Rob

    "Exit truck and stay away..." DCFC battery alert

    That is one seriously cooked 12V battery in the video 😲 I had a full size boat battery blow up in front of me as a kid.. super scary! The cloths I was wearing at the time started disintegrating as soon as they came out of the wash after the explosion. Whenever I charge a 12V battery, I always...
  5. NY_Rob

    Best Manual Tonneau Bag Use

    I folded mine up and shoved it behind my office couch so the cat can't get back there any longer.
  6. NY_Rob

    Is it time for disruptive change to EV auto insurance?

    Regarding how to determine if the battery pack is no longer sealed due to damage... back in the late 1950's Sikorsky invented a simple, ingenious and inexpensive Blade Integrity Monitoring system that provided a quick 100% positive visual method for pilots to see if the main rotor blades were...
  7. NY_Rob

    Has anyone heard of a documented Rivian vehicle theft?

    Entering the 4-digit PIN to Start on our Model 3 takes approximately three seconds to complete. As soon as you enter the vehicle the "Enter PIN" screen is presented. Nothing clunky, no waste of time.. a simple three second procedure that is hard to get wrong.
  8. NY_Rob

    "Exit truck and stay away..." DCFC battery alert

    There is a reddit post about the same warning about a year back, it's related to the 12V battery overcharging and getting hot..
  9. NY_Rob

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    Plenty of others have done that too.. it does help to slightly reduce drain, but not to 0% that's for sure.
  10. NY_Rob

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    Interesting, yes... Some posts seem to indicate that the act of keeping the 12V battery charged is responsible for a good portion of the drain. If that is indeed the case, then a reduction in the load on the 12V battery could result in a reduction in vampire drain. We will see soon enough I...
  11. NY_Rob

    Kia EV9 Mini (EV3), The Korean R2 ?

    Hideous wheels o_O
  12. NY_Rob

    Does anyone make real sliders that are NOT running boards too?

    That's awesome! I also don't like the running boards, but regular sliders will look great on a Rivian. Can you post pix once you get them installed?
  13. NY_Rob

    Had pick up scheduled for Tomorrow, Rivian calls says:

    Well, "a better deal" to Rivian might mean more expensive wheels or interior color choice or even a more expensive paint color, etc.. but it could also mean you're being offered something you might not want. Just because something's more costly, that doesn't necessarily mean it's more desirable...
  14. NY_Rob

    Has anyone had their Rivian stolen?

    It's possible.. look up "relay attack", but those are pros not kids, or local addicts looking for a ride.
  15. NY_Rob

    Conflict at the Supercharger

    From another thread this morning, here's a few reports from the EA station at Walmart in Winslow AZ. Can you blame anyone for trying Tesla vs EA?
  16. NY_Rob

    New Rivian Service Center Coming in Shelton, Connecticut

    Same goes for me on Long Island... I'd rather take the Port Jeff ferry across to Bridgeport then drive to Shelton vs. that nightmare ride going in to Brooklyn!
  17. NY_Rob

    RJ, What Is Best In Life?

    Just another choice....
  18. NY_Rob

    YouTube App and Google Cast video streaming coming to Rivian infotainment system

    No great loss if you can't pull in FM. Have you listened to FM sometime during the last few years? 59 min of idiotic commercials followed by 1 min of compressed/clipped music. Unless of course you're talking about NPR which isn't recommended for driving due to it's sleep inducing properties.
  19. NY_Rob

    NJ Service Centers...

    And could you make a left turn to get in to the station? 😁
  20. NY_Rob

    R1T on Dark Matter Apple TV Show

    Was more happy at seeing the R1T in the show vs. the show itself which was somewhat disappointing IMO.