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  1. k3g

    Frunk Light: Baja Designs Dome Light Install

    I added a Baja Designs dome light into the frunk of the R1T. It makes a pretty huge light difference when you've got stuff in the frunk. It's pretty much plug and play after finding what type of crimp is used by the frunk outlet harness. The button works whenever the 12v outlets would be on...
  2. k3g

    k3g's R1T build thread

    Current truck state: Things that didn't come with the truck but are now on the truck: Aesthetic/Exterior: 1. Lamin-x amber film on fog lights 2. Brain exploder emblem vinyl blackout kit 3. Builtrite license plate holder (I snapped off a plastic one crossing a river: ) Electrical: 1...
  3. k3g

    Trip Report: Northern California Exploring

    I took my R1T on a road trip north from the Bay Area. My goal was to explore some of the Redwoods, and revisit a favorite camping area, all on free electricity from the RAN chargers in Ukiah and Fortuna. Here's how it went: Charging: RAN chargers are pretty awesome. The ease of use (pull up...
  4. k3g

    A rainy day out in R1T... Here's how it went.

    I took my R1T out for a meandering day. Here's how it went: Where: Mountain roads around the Bay Area, including one where the pavement gets very bad, and eventually ends, with a seasonal gate. The good: This truck is an absolute dream. On windy roads with good pavement, Sport mode makes for...