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  1. twraps

    Gen 2 R1 Delivery Waiting Room ⏳ Post Your Orders!

    Hey folks First off, shoutout to Rivain support.... I accidentally ordered the wrong config in the hurry (FOMO 😀) then I ordered the right config and they agreed to cancel & refund the deposit since I had a 2nd order placed shortly after the first. My delivery for a Gen2 R1S is at status...
  2. twraps

    New: Snap-on dashboard phone mount & Slidable armrest half-tray

    Hey everyone! Last week I finalized testing & released 2 new accessories that fit both the R1T & R1S. A snap-on dashboard phone mount that doesn't require any screws, disassembly or adhesives to attach or detach. Comes with 2 options - a MagSafe mount or a Clamp mount...
  3. twraps

    Portable charger wall mount with plug & cable holder, by TWRAPS

    Hello I recently redesigned our Rivian portable charger wall mount to include a plug and cable holder, so basically one product serves all your portable charger needs :) You can see and get it from the link below. https://twraps.com/products/mobile-charger-wall-mount
  4. twraps

    Front Trunk Hooks by TWRAPS

    Hello everyone! I just finished designing & testing our front trunk hooks for the R1T & R1S. Those are convenient if you carry bags in the frunk - it allows you to secure them. They are already available to order 👍🏻 For the record, these are SLA fabricated - it's pretty much indistinguishable...
  5. twraps

    TWRAPS Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

    Hey folks, We're running a Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale on all of our Rivian R1S and R1T accessories. You can save 20% on your entire order, with code BFCM23 during checkout at https://twraps.com For any questions, please let me know :)
  6. twraps

    Full PPF Wrap for the R1S by TWRAPS

    Hey folks After taking a delivery of a R1S a couple of months ago, we finally finished the full wrap and is now available. If you want to save a lot of money on PPF and are handy & brave enough to do it yourself, you should check it out: https://twraps.com/products/r1s-full-wrap-ppf You can...
  7. twraps

    Camp speaker drawer replacement by TWRAPS (preview)

    ⚠️ UPDATE: We just released this, and the design has evolved since I posted originally. You can see & purchase the camp speaker replacement drawer here: https://twraps.com/products/camp-speaker-drawer-replacement-for-rivian-r1t-r1s Original Post: A weekend with 2 kiddos didn't seem busy enough...
  8. twraps

    TWRAPS Prime Day Discount

    Hey folks We're doing a Prime Day discount on all products. Use code PRIMEDAY during checkout for 15% off. Promo expires on July 13, 2023. Also, I just recently redesigned our armrest organizer so we have a new version of that too. The new version has leather inserts, is super easy to get in...
  9. twraps

    R1S Audio Amplifier location?

    Hi Does anyone know where the audio amplifier is located on the R1S? I found something that looks like an amplifier where the driver side fuse box is. Additionally, looking at photos from people who replaced the sub, there is another thing near the sub that also looks like amplifier. I am no...
  10. twraps

    R1S - Only front/dash speaker works

    I got my R1S this Tuesday and most things seem fine but that one is bugging me - only the front/dash speaker seems to work. I've tried reboot, sleep reboot, software update - nada. When I use the sliders to adjust where the audio should come from, if I put it all the way to the bottom (i.e. rear...
  11. twraps

    Dual Wireless Charger (MagSafe Compatible) by TWRAPS - Flash sale 15% off

    Hey folks We're doing a 2 days flash sale until the end of the weekend for our Dual Wireless Charger for Rivian. This is a MagSafe compatible charger that works great with iPhone 12 and up. You can use coupon code PHONEJUICE - 15% off, flash sale expires on April 24 / 2023...
  12. twraps

    Cargo Crossbars Wall Mount

    Hey folks I've developed a wall mount for the Rivian Cargo Crossbars. It's a neat way to store them in your garage when not in use. It comes with a set of 2 mounting plates (for 2 crossbars), 12 x screws and 12 x drywall anchors. Super simple to install. You can use code GASGONE for 10% off...
  13. twraps

    V2 MagSafe Charger by TWRAPS

    Hey folks I am happy to announce our v2 MagSafe charger for the R1T and R1S. The differences from v1 being: 1. It's now made with our own custom designed MagSafe pucks where both pucks join together with a single cable 2. We now have skins so you can customize the looks It's available right...
  14. twraps

    Chrome Delete (DIY kit) and more products for your R1S

    Hey folks, While I am waiting for my R1S to be delivered end of this year, I've recently had the pleasure of renting a R1S for a few weeks, and as a result we've developed a bunch of new products for it... including a much requested chrome delete kit. So here we go: Chrome Delete Kit...
  15. twraps

    MagSafe Charger by TWRAPS

    Hey folks Iliya with TWRAPS again. I am happy to announce that I'm finally ready with our solution for painless iPhone charging in the Rivian! The MagSafe charger sits flush against the existing QI pad, without causing any interference, vampire drain or heating. It features a 'pocket hole' so...
  16. twraps

    R1S Products Wishlist

    Hey folks Iliya from TWRAPS here (we design & manufacture accessories, wraps, tints and PPF for EVs, with already tons of R1T products). I am getting an R1S in 3 weeks (don't hate me, it's a rental, not a delivery 😃) and I wanted to reach out and ask those of you who have the R1S - what...
  17. twraps

    Full Front / Full Truck PPF for R1T & R1S by TWRAPS

    Hey folks I am happy to announce that as of today we're accepting pre-orders for Full Front PPF of the R1T/R1S and Full Truck PPF for R1T. I expect shipments to start by the end of the month or early Nov, but to be on the safe side, the official announcement is that they will start by mid-Nov...
  18. twraps

    Armrest Organizer for Rivian R1T/R1S by TWRAPS

    Hey folks After a few months of figuring out 3D printing at scale, I am happy to say I am finally in mass production of the armrest organizer for Rivian R1T & R1S. I've seen many folks around here wondering how to utilize this space and just in case someone was unaware that there was such an...
  19. twraps

    Products & Accessories for Rivian R1T/R1S by TWRAPS

    Hello everyone Let me introduce myself. I am Iliya, and I am the founder of TWRAPS. We're a small family business in California, and we do DIY pre-cut PPFs, tints and color wraps, as well as some accessories for Rivian and Tesla. A couple of months ago I had the pleasure to get a R1T, and I and...