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  1. NY_Rob

    Fisker Finished?

    Looks like they're about to go belly up folks... 😞 Feel for the poor souls who have already purchased ($50-$60K) and taken delivery of a Fisker Ocean. Fisker Is Closing Its California Headquarters https://insideevs.com/news/718677/fisker-closing-california-headquarters-report/ Fisker’s...
  2. NY_Rob

    Super Heavy Duty Hitch Step / Bumper Protector with Photos

    With our cramped parking lots in downstate NY I'm very nervous regarding people backing in to my R1T resulting in huge bills (for me). So, to that end.. I flipped the script with some really solid bumper protection to the tune of a 1" thick solid forged cast iron step/protector which weighs in...
  3. NY_Rob

    Vampire Drain -Can We All Measure it the Same Way Please?

    Going forward, I would like to propose we all measure Vampire Drain using the same simple (and only reliable) method: Reset one of the Trip Odometers, let vehicle sit for XX hrs, then re-enter vehicle and record the actual kWh "Total Energy" number. Using the driver's screen (the smaller...
  4. NY_Rob

    Fisker Alaska Pickup

    Admin Addendum: * create/copy your account at sister-site Fisker Alaska Forum with just 1-click at your account copy menu ✅ Very interesting vehicle indeed... When I checked the Fisker site this morning, it seems the reservation for the Alaska has dropped from $1,000 to only $250 now (and...
  5. NY_Rob

    Front End Wrap Cost?

    Last night the genius across the street decided to blow off a ton of fireworks in the street vs. his own backyard like most people do. I woke up to three of our cars littered with debris from his pyrotechnics. Thankfully with the help of cleaner wax from my boat all the marks came off my hood...
  6. NY_Rob

    First Tow to the Ramp...... R1T towing 20' Grady White Boat

    First time towing our 20' Grady with the R1T yesterday..... it towed like a dream! Smooth launching and braking, hardly noticed the 3,500lb boat/trailer behind us. As a matter of fact, used regen most of the 5mi trip down to the ramp, hardly touched the brakes.... it was that good. Absolutely...
  7. NY_Rob

    Much Better Registration and Plate Delivery Service..

    My truck got delivered Jan 20th, my permanent NY plates arrived today Feb 8th via FedEx. 20 days from delivery to permanent plates and registration docs... not bad!
  8. NY_Rob

    Rivian Insurance Quote vs. Allstate Jan 2023

    So an apples to apples comparison of my rate with the same exact coverage for my R1T from my existing Allstate agent and from Rivian ins... and keep in mind NY area rates are high (but we have $0 deductible full glass coverage). $1,210/6 months on Allstate w/three other cars on the policy...
  9. NY_Rob

    Online vs. Local Offers for our used car.....

    Since my R1T arrived a little over a week with no issues that need to be addressed.. we now have too many cars in our driveway, so our 2019 Mazda CX3 has to go... and that has always been the plan since I ordered my R1T 17 months ago. It has 28K miles on it and is in very good condition, we are...
  10. NY_Rob

    Things They Don't Tell You (But Should) About 8 Step Purchase Process ....

    Getting my R1T tomorrow.. 8-steps completed including Insurance ID card uploaded 1/18. All was good to go for Fri 1/20 delivery till I get a "your delivery could be delayed" email today 1/19 at 3:45pm from Rivian. Seems they rejected my Insurance ID cards because: 1) Name on ID card can not be...
  11. NY_Rob

    A real "Rocket Scientist".....

    If you haven't heard of or seen Luke Talley.... enjoy the following video. The guy is sharper now then most of us will ever be, he's a certifiable genius and just one of the reasons the 1960's US space program flourished.
  12. NY_Rob

    Out of Spec Kyle- I Drive The VinFast VF8 For The First Time! And I Really Wish I Didn't...

    At least the dude is honest stating out loud his overall 3 out of 10 rating while sitting 2ft away from the Vinfast rep..
  13. NY_Rob

    ID.4 Runs Out Of Juice! Almost Made It To A Charger..

    Cautionary video By 'Out of Spec' Kyle on just how much time and effort you'll waste if you let your EV traction battery run down to 0% SOC... tldw: it took 3+ hrs for flatbed to arrive at 3:15AM to get transported 1 mile to closest CCS charger.
  14. NY_Rob

    Has Anyone with "Manual Tonneau" or "No Tonneau" Config Been Assigned a Guide or unlocked "8 Steps" yet?

    AFAIK, the above hasn't happened yet.. or has it? It's been crickets for me with my Nov-Dec 2022 scheduled OC interior and "manual tonneau" config. Anyone hear anything encouraging from Rivian?
  15. NY_Rob

    Kicked Some Solar Butt Today....

    Love these longer days with clear skies.....
  16. NY_Rob

    New Car Repalcement Coverage?

    Was just thinking... which is something that usually gets me in trouble :facepalm: Say our $73K pre-March 2022 priced R1T gets totaled or stolen shortly after delivery. To replace with a new feature matched R1T at post March 1/2022 price will be $90K. A $17K difference... not something...
  17. NY_Rob

    PIN to Drive?

    Unfortunately a $60K+ late model Ford pickup was stolen right out of the driveway five houses down the road from us this morning at 5:30am. I also have video of the punks casing every driveway up and down the street, including mine, looking for unlocked vehicles half an hour earlier at 5am...
  18. NY_Rob

    Police offer reward to find idiots behind dangerous stunt in Tesla Model S

    You just can't make this stuff up..... https://electrek.co/2022/03/21/police-reward-idiot-dangerous-stunt-tesla-model-s/