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  1. LoneStar

    At 45k price point, can Rivian makes profit on R2?

    Dominant version will be the Dual Motor AWD. Probably around $55K Tri-motor version likely around $65K That's where the "real money" will be generated.
  2. LoneStar

    So what does “All Fog” lights do?

    Just noticed the top setting on the lights stalk has “All Fog.” What illuminates that isnt with + Fog below? Wonder if thats meant for (future) Euro sales where rear fogs are legal. Those bright reverse lamps would be very illuminating to drivers behind - as in blinding! Do the lights alter...
  3. LoneStar

    “Nirvana” R1T for sale: $170K

    restore front-end to near stock, knockoff $100k and you got a deal!
  4. LoneStar

    Could this be a Rivian prototype?

    walk up and take interior picture next time. hard to mask Rivian language on the interior
  5. LoneStar

    Optima Unplugged Powered By Clarios Presented By DCE @ February 1-2

  6. LoneStar

    Forest Green - Well played, Rivian

    would be sweet if Rivian introduced a new interior color scheme in tan brown
  7. LoneStar

    Comparing the ride quality of the R1T vs. R1S

    I've also owned a T & S. Both on 20" ATs. Without a doubt the T is a more "settled" suspension. I got my S about 2 months before the big software fixes. Prior to it the S felt basically unfinished or unrefined in suspension tuning. You could say the T was the 'Goldilocks" while the S was...
  8. LoneStar

    New R1S Owner

    Had not heard of this before.... how much reduction in warranty time is there?
  9. LoneStar

    Negative EV press blitz

    If you go on a trip over 750 miles each-way, and god-forbid you're towing something, then you'll realize there are serious drawbacks to current-state of EVs, even a Rivian. Having to stop for about an hour (when you must unhitch) every 100 miles or less let's you experience quite a reality-check.
  10. LoneStar

    Please re-design or improve the Climate Control / AC Navigation Controls

    I'd be happy with a fan-speed control icon on the main screen lower banner with the others Up arrow (fan icon) down arrow
  11. LoneStar

    Great Scott!

    became "Lone Pine Mall" didn't it? :)
  12. LoneStar

    Any reason to wait?

    Get the R1S now and within 10 miles of driving you'll laugh at yourself for considering waiting
  13. LoneStar

    R1S - Quad Motor or Dual Performance Motor

    If you don't get pre March-22 pricing for a quad then I'd go for the Max Dual-Perf. I went from a quad R1T to quad R1S and there's a performance drop on the S for whatever reason. I'm betting the Dual Performance is going to feel very similar so at least you'll be able to rationalize the...
  14. LoneStar

    My R1S delivery adventure. Delivered 1/13/2024

    Wait until you're at that first mile point... you won't be looking back, second-guessing or fretting. :cool:
  15. LoneStar

    How many times have you launched your Rivian?

    My vote would be the same :)
  16. LoneStar

    R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    Sure would be nice if Rivian amped-up production or procurement of R1S compact spare tires
  17. LoneStar

    Update 2023.34.0 -- Improved Handling & Ride Comfort, Phone Call Steering Wheel Functions, Set Speed for ACC / HWA, 25% Better Sleep Range Loss

    R1S in AP/Soft: harshness gone rebound damping worse (bouncy) lateral roll-control is gone accel/decel squat is amplified (bad) So it feels like a '75 Cadillac Coupe DeVille That said, its nicer in AP/Stiff, maybe a placebo-effect
  18. LoneStar

    Rivian CFO Confirms Substantial R1T and R1S Changes Coming in 2024

    I can tell you, when it impacts the Rivian the stainless steel cladding will fold like foil