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  1. moosehead

    Pikes Peak R1T Refresh / Facelift Model Spotted!

    I’ll take one in full orange with two offset wide matte black stripes from front to back. Black top and limo tint. Matte black twenny twens, minimalized blacked out badges. Please and thanks. Go get the PP PR.
  2. moosehead

    all EV stock jumped +10%

    It’s certainly been emotional any time I’ve purchased RIVN.
  3. moosehead

    Lewis Black on Cybertruck

    This entire bit completes me. Lewis: "Save us from another generation of CT owners, and stick your balz in there too (the nut cutter)."
  4. moosehead

    Nantucket Beaches 1, Cybertruck 0

    There once was a Dumpster Truck from Nantucket, Whose owner rode the beach and done stuck it. Though a good neighbor Rivian came by, With proper rescue gear and an expert eye; But instead went for beers, just said fackit.
  5. moosehead

    So frustrated with service I'm ready to sell my Rivian

    RTFM aside, IMO the overall service gap is exactly why Rivian is changing out the Guide model and putting point of contact at the RSC’s - which many of us recommended. The old model was cumbersome, opaque, and created extra work and communication effort between Guide/RSC/Customer. We’re lucky...
  6. moosehead

    **NEW** MPP "Mega Terra" Forged Wheels

    Beautiful hoops, photography, backdrop storyline. Bravo @MountainPassPerformance.
  7. moosehead

    Rivian Guides are no more. Customer service communications now handled by Service Centers

    HFL. Hallelujah. Presume most effective guides will be brought into service center teams, where this function should reside.
  8. moosehead

    Definitely a big "NO" to mud flaps on the Rivian!

    If you don't care for these functional flaps, you could go with the largely useless, low to no coverage, but sexy as hell brazilian models. Ask me how I know.
  9. moosehead

    Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 EV on dry roads

    I've been patiently waiting for a couple of years for the Hakka EV tires like most everyone here, but just bit the bullet and went with the Blizzaks for winter sneakers. The Blizzaks are substantially better performing in snow than the Pirellis OEM 20's. IIRC a few folks here on the board did...
  10. moosehead

    Guess it was my time - 12v is dead

    Mobile service only needs to get into the driver door and front hood to replace the 12v.
  11. moosehead

    Out of Spec seemingly confirms R1 refresh in about a month

    Uh, can we please not use the term journalist here? Yootoober seems more accurate.
  12. moosehead

    I Dub Thee REX

    +3, Triple X
  13. moosehead

    Who in CO still has a broken auto tonneau?

    Finally got a call for PTC replacement, which will evidently happen two months from now. Thanks Tony.
  14. moosehead

    would you buy R1T again as of 3/25/2024?

    Yes, absolutely. Especially at today's prices. By any measure I way overpaid at the peak frenzy, but am still happy to be in this vehicle, and I've owned many trucks, SUV's, uber SUV's, and heavily modded sports cars. The only heads up suggestion is it is a huge advantage to be within...
  15. moosehead

    Back-and-forth between R1T (quad-motor) vs. Cybertruck (tri-motor)

    OP, your list is reasonably complete and thoughtful. The only thing I would add is that one is a truck and the other is a dumpster. Good luck.
  16. moosehead

    Rivian Laguna Space // Taste

    ^Last pic just happened unknowingly to catch SpaceX launch last night driving up the 405. I’m a hater but it was cool.
  17. moosehead

    Rivian Laguna Space // Taste

    Got a chance to stop by this afternoon after some college tours with our son. As many of you know, Laguna Beach is one of the world’s special places, and the Rivian theatre space is equally tremendous. The local Rivian crew was super stoked to have another Rivian owner in to visit, and they...
  18. moosehead

    New Replacement Powered Tonneau Cover broke ...again

    Sorry, though hate to say, a bit surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. Not trying to be a dick. In this case, it is based on my own experience dismantling my OG stock PTC which was jammed awhile back. That plus the earlier vids posted here of the replacement PTC gave off the same janky vibe...