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  1. Zoidz

    North Carolina Anti-EV "Equitable Free Vehicle Fuel Stations" Bill - $50k to remove EV charging stations

    I didn't see this posted previously, even though it happened in July.... PCMagazine - "It requires both public and private locations where EV charging is offered to provide "gasoline or diesel fuel for motor vehicles through a pump to the public at no charge," so other drivers can make use of...
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    "That Rusty Rivian" Wrap?

    😆 Yes, it's a wrap! Search ThatRustyBus on FB for more info.
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    Rivian hiring Tesla layoffs

    “A large number of the people moved to work for other electric-vehicle companies. Ninety former Tesla employees joined the electric-car makers Rivian and Lucid Motors, according to the LinkedIn data. Meanwhile, only eight of the departures moved to more traditional automakers, including General...
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    PowerNation: Auto Industry Short 2.2 Million Vehicles Due to Microchip Shortage in 2022

    This article might help to provide some perspective on Rivian's production challenges.... "Now, industry reports estimate that the microchip shortage has put the production of 2.2 million vehicles behind schedule. In a report by AutoForecast Solutions (AFS), this figure is a 10% increase...
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    Article: Rivian Automotive partners with Clearloop on a Solar Project

    Investment in Solar Infrastructure Project "Rivian Automotive announced on Thursday a partnership with Clearloop to bring online Rivian’s first megawatt of renewable electricity in a uniquely impactful way. Their approach brings solar energy to a part of the country where new renewable...
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    Ford Tank Turn Patent - Applied Oct 2020 - Published April 21, 2022

    Inside EVs If you read the patent details, they are unloading the suspension weight on two wheels by removing air from the suspension to allow two tires to skid and two tires to drive? There has to be a "trick" since it is dual motor, not quad. 2. The vehicle of claim 1, wherein the first...
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    Ford's Lightning communication is no better than Rivian

    I have a May 19, 2021 (Day 1) Lightning Reservation as a backup plan to Rivian, although I don't plan on buying the Ford unless Rivian completely drops the ball. I have had zero communication from the Ford dealer until today when I got the email below from the "Internet Representative" at the...
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    Driver Says His Tesla Car Computer Froze at 83 MPH on Freeway

    Yikes! Let's hope that Rivian has better error handling and watchdogs! A new Tesla Model 3 owner faced quite the predicament while driving on a freeway last Thursday when he says his car’s main computer features froze up, leaving him with an unresponsive main screen and a car stuck going 83...
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    Coming s 0 0 n to your future vehicle - 1 million pixel DLP headlamps that project driver assist info

    You might be familiar with Texas Instruments DLP projector technology. They are evolving that to headlamps for directional beam control and projecting driver assist information on the roadway in front of you.
  10. Zoidz

    Fortune - "The Shenzhen lockdown will affect everything from cars to iPhones: ‘It’s going to be really bad’"

    Fortune There will still be naysayers who imsist that Rivian is making up the supply chain delays...... "Whether its iPhones, cars or electronics, locking down Shenzhen, and the subsequent effect on the Yantian port—the fourth largest in the world—will cause shipping delays across a wide range...
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    Ford Dealers Must Prepare For Big Changes

    Carbuzz "Essentially, Ford is looking to work with dealers to implement changes such as selling at non-negotiable prices, scaling down facilities, and committing to carrying no inventory. These new operating standards are driven by EV sales growth. "It's going to be much more efficient, a lot...
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    Third Row Seat Removable/Space Savings - Illustration and longish discussion

    This question is popping up frequently now that the 3rd row seat is no longer an option. There are alot of comments about "I don't need it" (OK, I get that), "I want the additional space for storage", etc. Below is some info that I overlayed on an image of the third row so you can try to...
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    ‘A really bad deal’: Michigan awards GM $1bn in incentives for new electric cars
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    Broncos in the corral waiting for chips
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    EV Grid Capacity - TVA Unveils Major New Nuclear Program using SMRs (Snall Modular Reactor) citing future demand for EVs

    TVA has annnounced $200 million funding for "a plant design, an NRC license application, and a robust project plan.” ...... "It potentially involves up to a doubling of electricity production as society uses clean energy to decarbonize the broader economy through technologies like electric...
  16. Zoidz

    No Chips Ahoy! Production cuts at 8 Ford factories

    Cuts due to chip shortage, including F150. "The shutdown will start on February 7th. Among other facilities, the decision will affect the Kansas City plant where Ford produces the F-150, one of its most popular and profitable vehicles."
  17. Zoidz

    CNET: "Why the heck is there still an automotive chip shortage?"

    Nothing earth shattering, but the article provides some facts and interesting details.
  18. Zoidz

    Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas: "Tesla rival Rivian's stock could skyrocket at least 160%, says top analyst"

    I think a big part of this is Morgan Stanley doing damage control for themselves, since they managed setting the IPO price.
  19. Zoidz

    Intel to Invest $20 Billion to Alleviate Microchip Shortage for Auto Industry

    Nice to see that an American company that used to be an industry leader is reinventing themselves at home. Maybe the "commodity" chip business isn't such a bad idea, after decades of offshoring. That is because tech giant Intel announced that they would be investing $20 billion in two chip...
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    CNBC - "GM to spend $6.6 billion on EV plant investments in bid to dethrone Tesla in electric car sales by 2025"

    General Motors said it will invest roughly $6.6 billion in its home state of Michigan through 2024 to increase electric pickup-truck production and build a new EV battery cell plant. The new spending is part of a plan to increase GM’s North American production capacity to build 1 million...