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  1. Driver + and other issues

    Yep. It was simple. The steering wheel was just off a notch.
  2. Driver + and other issues

    Curious if anyone else has had any of these issues. I’ve had my truck for about 6 weeks now. Once every week for the first 4 weeks I had to complete full truck reboots due to getting an error code saying Driver + features unavailable. Basically all of the truck’s sensors went offline, so...
  3. Potential Delays for OC and FE Interior

    Had my guide call today and unfortunately it went as I feared it would. I can get my truck ASAP if I go with BM. He literally couldn’t give my ANY kind of timeline for OC. Super disappointing. Asked him how we, as customers, are supposed to make decisions when there is NO info! Really...
  4. Any "March-April" delivery people contacted?

    Just got my intro email from my guide!! Phone call with him tomorrow at 1:30 to discuss details. The big news?.....I have OC interior. Let's hope he doesn't tell me it's delayed and I'd need to switch to BM to get it now.
  5. Potential Delays for OC and FE Interior

    That makes total sense, considering OC went from ‘included’ to $2000 at the price hike.
  6. Any "March-April" delivery people contacted?

    So wait, BM will be faster delivery but changing will delay months?? SO confused.
  7. Any "March-April" delivery people contacted?

    That is super annoying to hear, considering I specifically asked customer service twice in the last week if OC interior is holding up my delivery and, if so, I'd happily switch to BM. Was told "there were no issues with OC that they know of", yet I've yet to hear from a guide and have a...
  8. Socal preorders?

    San Diego (North County), LE R1T, El Cap/Ocean Coast, no contact as of yet. I emailed customer service yesterday and asked if Ocean Coast would hold me up. No reply yet.
  9. R1T & R1S Updated Pricing, Configuration, Specs. Dual Motor Now Available

    I can't even describe how disappointed and pissed I am. To have been waiting and trusting Rivian for more than 3 years, to be so excited about what seems to be a great product and a solid company, to deal with absolutely pathetic communication but still give them the benefit of the doubt, to...
  10. March - April 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    I did not see a red one. For sure saw blue, white, el cap, and LG, but I was really focused on looking for El Cap, so might've just missed other colors.
  11. March - April 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    Yeah, I received the March-April email as well. Very hopeful at this point. El cap, Ocean coast, 22", deposit in Jan '19. Finally drove by the Irvine, CA office a few days ago. The warehouse area was full of R1T's and seemed to be a lot of activity going on. It was cool to see. Also...
  12. 2021 Q3 Rivian Shareholder Letter – December 16, 2021. 71K Preorders Received

    I'm curious why such a big difference between number produced and number delivered? Are the other 266 being delivered s00n??
  13. launch edition reporting poll

    I hadn’t either but just did.
  14. ? Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    Nope, order isn't locked. Haven't spoken with a guide either. I would assume that'll happen in the next month or two.
  15. ? Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    Hopefully they are giving themselves some wiggle room for under promising and over delivering. So maybe the March-April folks could potentially get vehicles earlier.
  16. Factory 22" Wheels on R1T Rivian - finally a real life look

    Yep. I know a guy with a full size pickup (GM or Chevy) with 22's and the same size tires the R1T has and not only do they look really good, there is plenty of sidewall, and he says the ride is great and hasn't had any issues with bent rims, etc.
  17. Estimated Time of Delivery feature coming to Rivian configuration tool

    Excellent!! Glad to hear guide contacts are happening again.
  18. First Mile Event Tour @ Agua Dulce Airpark, SoCal (Santa Clarita) Registration Open!

    So, I received an invite to this event and have a LE R1T reserved with a deposit date in Jan '19, but haven't been contacted by my guide. Wonder what this means for a delivery date?? My guess - nobody has a clue. :(
  19. California Roll Call!

    Location: San Diego (San Marcos) Preorder Date / Number: Jan 29, 2019 Vehicle Type: R1T LE Color: El Cap Interior: Ocean Coast Wheels: 22"
  20. Z06 C8 lust

    Just recently sold my '14 C7 Z51. Had for 5+ years and loved every second of it. I look forward to beating Vettes off the line and around on/off ramps in my R1T. :CWL: