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  1. CommodoreAmiga

    Does anyone's 4-way lumbar adjustments actually work?

    Does anyone's 4-way lumbar actually work? I can get mine to go in/out, but it does not appear to do anything when pushing up or down.
  2. CommodoreAmiga

    FOB battery life is disappointing

    I'm used to multi-year battery life in FOBs from other brands. I'm surprised and disappointed to discover that I couldn't even get 3 months out of my Rivian FOB.
  3. CommodoreAmiga

    Other Location FS: Center Caps for 21" Wheels [SOLD]

    Edit: Sold 2022-09-19. Original post: For sale, one set (4) center caps for 21" Wheels. These are NOT the "genuine" Rivian caps that were recently available for purchase through Rivian. These ARE aftermarket center caps, in gun-metal grey color (matches the Rivian 21" wheels extremely well)...
  4. CommodoreAmiga

    FYI: The tailgate can be opened by a stranger even if the vehicle is "locked"

    Some people may think "duh" but I found it at least a little surprising. Someone can open your tailgate even when your R1T is locked. The "normal" tailgate release button on the top of the driver bed rail is disabled when the vehicle is locked; however, there is a second button on underside of...
  5. CommodoreAmiga

    Where to buy a Rivian license plate frame?

    Does anyone know where to buy a Rivian license plate frame? I noticed Rivian has them on their company-owned vehicles. I wish they'd sell them in the gear shop!
  6. CommodoreAmiga

    My R1T likes stop-and-go traffic more than I do

    I encountered an atypical amount of stop-and-go traffic on my morning commute, today. No accidents that I could see, so I’m not sure what caused the congestion, but it was pretty bad. Roads that were normally 45-55mph became stop-and-go. In my previous ICE vehicles this was a MPG killer. Not...
  7. CommodoreAmiga

    What reusable water bottle actually fits in the R1T/R1S?

    Does anyone have a water bottle that actually fits well in the R1T or R1S door? My Hydroflask doesn't fit in the door or cup holder. Yeti doesn't fit in the door or cup holder. The 32-oz Rivian-branded water bottle doesn't fit in the door. The 20-oz Rivian-branded water bottle doesn't fit in...
  8. CommodoreAmiga

    Other Location [SOLD] FS: Riviparts Dual MagSafe/Qi Wireless Charging Pad (Assembled + Tested)

    SOLD. Original listing: For sale, one Riviparts Dual MagSafe/Qi Wireless Charging Pad. This unit is assembled and tested -- ready to install. This works with Apple iPhones and Android phones, too. Installation is simple and fast. You'll need only a Torx T20 screwdriver. Thread with all...
  9. CommodoreAmiga

    Touch-up paint

    I am in need of some touch-up paint. Ugh. I contacted Rivian and they're not selling any and said they cannot recommend a vendor, either. I see and both claim to offer Rivian LA Silver. Does anyone have experience with touch-up paint for their R1T? Who did...
  10. CommodoreAmiga

    Question for people with crossbar bike rack

    I was disappointed to discover I cannot fit my 29er hard tail in the bed with tailgate up and tonneau closed. I hoped I could remove the front wheel, but alas, it doesn’t fit. I am looking at the Yakima bike rack that Rivian sells…. The manual says the bike must be <70” overall length to fit...
  11. CommodoreAmiga

    Got PHEV'd today :-(

    My R1T delivery surprised me a bit, and I haven't had a chance to run my charging circuit, yet (project this weekend). I decided to go into the office, today, and take advantage of one of the two EV chargers that are free for employees to use. Well, one was in-use by a Tesla -- understandable...
  12. CommodoreAmiga

    How to use Alexa for Spotify Integration

    The more I (try to) use Alexa, the more frustrated I become. How the heck do you use Alexa to control Spotify music in the R1T? I asked Alexa to play a song. It says I need to pay for an Amazon Music subscription. No. I asked Alexa to play a song "on spotify". It says I need to enable the...
  13. CommodoreAmiga

    Navigation shows me an address, but can't search for it

    Took delivery of my R1T today, WOOT! I'm trying to save my "home" location, but it can't find it through search. It shows me "at" my address. The map even shows my street name AND my house number on the map! But it doesn't find it when I search. I also can't seem to figure out a way to just...
  14. CommodoreAmiga

    $1,075 delivery charge

    Watching the KBB review, this morning, I noticed they said there is a $1,075 delivery charge. Anyone else pick up on that?
  15. CommodoreAmiga

    Let's take a moment to appreciate how well-thought-out the R1T and R1S are going to be

    Doug DeMuro just released a modern review of the 2008 Tesla Roadster. It's an interesting look at what a "version 1.0" EV was from a new EV company... And specifically an EV company that has "made-it". I'm surprised at just how incomplete and hacked-together the Roadster really was. The...
  16. CommodoreAmiga

    Noticed something about the gear tunnel in the latest photos on social media

    I saw some photos floating around social media (the caption claimed they were RJ's truck) and noticed the gear tunnel looked different. I compared them to other pictures of the gear tunnel and there are definitely changes. I recall reading that the 400 mile battery pack results in a loss of...
  17. CommodoreAmiga

    Rivian and Chase Team Up For All-Digital Customer Financing Experience Rivian, Chase Partner to Create an All-Digital Customer Financing Experience The partnership will enable retail customers to finance a vehicle through a seamless end-to-end process January 14, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time NEW...