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  1. moosehead

    Snow Mode?

    It snowed last night, cause, well, it’s October 1st. Just sayin. Sincerely, Captain Obvious
  2. moosehead

    High Alpine Run in Limestone R1T to 11,307’ With Lots of Elevation Changes

    Finally had a day to rip up from Denver at 5,280’ up over Berthoud Pass at 11,307’ elevation and down into Tabernash to our cabin which is roughly at 8,300’. Covered roughly 90 miles each way and a ton of elevation gains and losses. Berthoud Pass crosses the Continental Divide and has 10+...
  3. moosehead

    Joke Thread // Add as you like

    So this older couple is driving down from NYC to Florida for the winter. She is driving but can’t hear much, he is copilot. She gets pulled over at the Florida Georgia line while doing 90 MPH. Trooper walks up and asks for her license and registration. Being nearly deaf, she says “What...
  4. moosehead

    The End of the Car as We Know It: Vox Article
  5. moosehead

    Alexa Commands?

    Please share what works well for you guys? While a voice command device noob, our other rigs seems to work much easier so would appreciate any suggestions. I’m totally striking out on audio/infotainment commands. So far for me it is: “Alexa, turn up (or down) the fan”.
  6. moosehead

    TWRAPS Light Smoke Headlight // DIY Install

    Wanted to cut down on the bright white light bar and headlamps a bit without going dark smoke. TWRAPS Light Smoke 70% VLT came out really nicely despite being a noob PPF installer and having the patience of a squirrel on crack. Early feedback is that TWRAPS is a no brainer given quality and...
  7. moosehead

    EV Sportline Jack Pad Puck

    Pricey piece of billet, but as a child of the muscle car era, it kinda does it for me. Looks like it would come in handy getting a hefty Rivian up in the air.
  8. moosehead

    Colorado Rivian Home Charger For Sale

    $600. New in Box. Prefer local sale but can ship at cost. Already have Chargepoint Charger installed.
  9. moosehead

    Totally On Spec R1T Review

    It kicks ass.
  10. moosehead

    Hockeytown USA?

    Soooo, not to get all jinxey, but let’s say for arguments sake that both the Frozen Four and Lord Stanley’s Cup are claimed by Denver in 2022. Would Detroit have to relinquish the Hockeytown USA handle? Me thinks so.
  11. moosehead

    Rivian Update for the Rest of Us (Late Depositors Pre March 1)

    More Platitudes - Email Received 6/12/22 _________________________________________ Dear [Back of the Bus], Your [vehicle] will not only totally change your driving experience, it’s also a decisive step toward keeping the world a place worth exploring. Making vehicles for the planet may seem...
  12. moosehead

    Don't hate me cause I'm an Idiot.

    Full disclosure: I’m the dumbest finance guy you’ve ever met. No really. I suffer from Rivian Problems X 3. One must admit their problems before solving them. So, in the hopes of addressing this affliction, below is a baring of the soul to my internet friends, none of whom I’ve met in real...
  13. moosehead

    NCAA Hockey Champions - Again

    9th time for the University of Denver Pioneers!
  14. moosehead

    2022 JD Power Dependability Survey

    Koreans place three in the top 4. Wildly impressive. U.S. VDS.pdf
  15. moosehead

    Ford Restructures to Further EV Efforts

    Statista, March 3, 2022 In a bid to capitalize on the growth potential of electric vehicles, Ford announced a major restructuring on Wednesday that will separate its legacy ICE (internal combustion engine) business from its electric vehicle division. The former, to be called Ford Blue, is...
  16. moosehead

    Welcome Home

    You loyal long-term depositors and forum members.
  17. moosehead

    Ukrainian Relief // Idea Referrals

    Like most, I'm interested in finding ways to help Ukraine so felt compelled to start a threat sharing ideas for organizations that are doing so. Please post any ideas here as you like, all are welcome. Please, no political banter. While as of this morning, an estimated 700k immigrants are...
  18. moosehead

    Oil Supply & Price Trends

    Just as a matter of petroleum trends and expressly not as a political debate, we've watched oil bottom at the peak of the pandemic, to reaching circa $100 per barrel of crude in this Russia-Ukraine conflict. Given the above, I was a bit surprised by this recent clip featuring Ed Morse, Citi's...