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  1. moosehead

    R1T Snoqualmie Pass Area Radventures

    Nice LS R1T and great pics! Love Snoqualmie.
  2. moosehead

    Question about Rivian and ChargePoint

    My experience is same as @bd5400. Chargepoint app makes it seamless, you pre-load your charge card, can see station readyness/availability/charger rate, and it also links to my CP home charger. Same for EA, with app it is way more reliable and quick and shows our other EV which has 2 years of...
  3. moosehead

    CAT Off-Road Jack and EV Sportline Pucks for my R1T (fit in gear tunnel & tested)

    As an aside, many Rivian running gear parts including beefy control arms and wheelsets are made in PRC. If it says Cat Diesel on it, good enuf for me. Thanks JJ, hitting buy now.
  4. moosehead

    Rivian R1T Road Trip Range vs Temperature and Bike Rack vs No Bike Rack - Data

    Nicely done and thanks @Budman. Would be interested if someone did a similar comp with over the bed bike racks on the crossbars.
  5. moosehead

    Kanundrum's R1S Delivery Build/Review

    ^Nice. Would please be interested in what gear you are loading uptop and how easy it is to reach from the ground for the R1S. We were able to get skiis and bikes (front wheel off) up and down from many of our ICE SUV’s with outboard biased rack placement.
  6. moosehead

    Rivian hires its first CIO - Diane Lye

    Is evil the banking/fiscal side eclipsing the tech side? Hopefully, she has both arrows in the quiver and would not have been qualified for Chief Information Officer without tech heavy expertise. Naive, maybe, but do like the stronger E Suite since mid 2022. I’m old enough to think CIO is...
  7. moosehead

    Lost phone key setup…

    My phone key pairing also disconnected in a remote area, fortunately I still carry the fob everywhere so had backup at the time. Once getting back to better reception, I was able to remove the phone key and re-pair as you describe. As someone else said, fob life. Will try the keycard as well.
  8. moosehead

    Snow Mode?

    Attached below is the OOS snow vid. For those who dislike the length and commercials, like me, you can just go to about 19:25 of the video where Kyle turns around at the top of a snow-covered dirt hill and starts down. He recommends adding a snow mode even before the downhill lockup segment.
  9. moosehead

    Snow Mode?

    ^JGard, presume you are referencing Rivian's single reduction gear motor to driveshaft, which is just one of my snow driving concerns - not having true gears to moderate snow speed especially downhill and/or at speed. Seems as though Rivian is just relying upon regen braking, traction...
  10. moosehead

    Snow Mode?

    Would it? Isn't it electronically controlled by ECU to each motor? Say, quasi similar to a tow mode having slightly higher RPM shift points per "gear" starting at the lowest.
  11. moosehead

    Snow Mode?

    Gotta get to first chair on a powder day.
  12. moosehead

    Snow Mode?

    Audi allows an Independent setting or custom setup by the driver whereby all input variables can be selected: Transmission aggression, throttle response, suspension height and firmness, exhaust note, etc. Not sure any EV manuf would allow such customized profile given the strong accelleration...
  13. moosehead

    Snow Mode?

    ^I get the need for some level engine braking and/or low level regen braking to help aid in slowing a snowbound vehicle. The big issue though is at any speed or in a downhill turn, tapping the brakes in snow usually sends most vehicles into a slide. Our Ioniq 5’s snow mode puts it in lowest...
  14. moosehead

    Snow Mode?

    Just got off the phone with Brian who called back from Rivian service. He was hugely engaging and though he was unaware of a forthcoming snow mode, he felt it was important and useful enough to elevate the idea to "vehicle feedback intake" or something similar. We talked through various snow...
  15. moosehead

    Snow Mode?

    Below is Rivian chat response to inquiry about snow mode for this winter. Also suggested no regen braking, slower throttle response, taller gears, and no front light bar. “Thank you for the feedback, and we will undoubtedly notate for our team to see. We don’t have any future changes on the...
  16. moosehead

    Snow Mode?

    It snowed last night, cause, well, it’s October 1st. Just sayin. Sincerely, Captain Obvious
  17. moosehead

    Got the Tony Email … and a Guide

    Tony punts more than the Denver Broncos.
  18. moosehead

    Scam Rivian Satisfaction Survey

    If James Royce Edwards watched all of the OOS videos at regular speed back-to-back, I would agree to complete the survey.