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  1. Speedrye

    How many Rivians near where you live?

    In the Triad area of NC, I've seen two R1Ts. One local Limestone, and a green one he was driving for months while his Limestone was being serviced...
  2. Speedrye

    Snow Mode?

    I think I'd want the option to have regen and no regen. No regen would be preferred for me in icy conditions (which I get a lot), unless the throttle control gives me really, really fine control over the regen's engagement.
  3. Speedrye

    Last day of Sept: and it’s a Friday!

    Due to Hurricane Ian, we'll be unable to provide an estimated delivery window for your vehicle. Ever.
  4. Speedrye

    The best color to hide dirt and paint imperfections?

    And lose that protective layer of dirt? I mean, it's like free PPF!
  5. Speedrye

    It's new and it's yellow and I love it: Compass Yellow / Ocean Coast R1T

    Any chance you can get a picture with the door open, showing some of the yellow on the outside and OC interior, all in the same shot. I've been considering that combination, but I'm just not sold yet. Loving the yellow more with each new picture that comes out.
  6. Speedrye

    Munro Live: Rivian R1T / R1S suspension system deep dive

    Give me a beefy single compressor that I can run air tools on, and I'd be quite happy. I have issues with the rear brakes. Seeing those nice beefy 6-piston calipers on the front and those sad-looking single-piston calipers on the back just doesn't work for me aesthetically. Function might be...
  7. Speedrye

    Are your passengers repeatedly unable to close doors ?

    Maybe lube the door seals to help? Honda's Shin-Etsu silicon grease is really good. Generally good to keep your seals lubed regularly anyway on most all vehicles.
  8. Speedrye

    The best color to hide dirt and paint imperfections?

    I've had most of the colors offered on other vehicles previously, and yellow was by far the best in my experience, followed by silver. In my area at least, white is horrible if driven in the rain, and we get a lot of rain. Dark gray (El Cap) was good for rain/road spray, but bad for...
  9. Speedrye

    Video: Rivian R1T Aerodynamics - Is the claimed drag coefficient of 0.30 correct?

    I wonder if the big blunt back end of the R1S would make towing a trailer more efficient than the R1T, allowing the trailer to better tuck into the SUV's slipstream? The R1T's flow looks a lot like a sleek hatchback off the rear, and while impressive, I wonder how much it hurts towing.
  10. Speedrye

    Lost $20,000 of equity in 5000 miles 🤯 No way...

    All first model-year vehicles suffer an early hit as there is no precedent set for trade-in value, so these companies make extra-low offers in hopes they can make a buck while the customer can't refute the offer with things like KBB, NADA, etc.
  11. Speedrye

    Advice on tire selection (20" ATs vs. 22" AS)

    The 21" and 22" OEM tires both have 'A' temperature ratings while the 20" tire has a 'B' temperature rating. So, Pirelli doesn't think the 20" A/T tire will hold up as well in the heat... I'll get 20" wheels and downsize to a 275/60-20 tire to maximize range.
  12. Speedrye

    When Will Configs Open For Us $1000 Deposit'ers?

    I suspect you'll do your actual configuration right before the vehicle is to be built. Until then, you're stuck with the "Visualize" feature on the Rivian website.
  13. Speedrye

    What would happen if Rivian went out of business?

    There are a lot of parts available in Australia, but the left-hand drive parts that are US-specific will be the biggest challenge. Interior parts, bumpers, lights, etc. Even so, I have an old Supra where NOTHING is available, so the Holden thing is still workable so long as people keep the...
  14. Speedrye

    What would happen if Rivian went out of business?

    Can you find that? I've looked before and there's nothing that I could find. The Magnuson-Moss Act was the closest to providing anything useful, but I can't find a thing requiring parts beyond that.
  15. Speedrye

    Rivian R1S Production Eye Candy [content removed by takedown request of Rivian legal counsel]

    I'm guessing the Adv is for Adventure. Wonder if they have a different code for Launch Editions or not? I'm assuming so, so I find it odd that they're already doing R1S Adventure builds.
  16. Speedrye

    What would happen if Rivian went out of business?

    It was purchased and serviced through Chevrolet dealerships as Holden was a GM subsidiary. Mechanically, there aren't many issues as most of the drivetrain is shared with Corvettes and higher-end Camaro trims, but interior bits, or body parts get tricky in a hurry. GM didn't find us worth the...
  17. Speedrye

    What would happen if Rivian went out of business?

    As the driver of a car from the recently defunct Holden brand (Australian), I'll be the contrarian here. While somebody might buy the physical and intellectual property, there's nothing saying they have to do anything to benefit existing owners. No software updates, no parts availability, no...
  18. Speedrye

    What is a thread you would see on forums for other vehicles, but never here?

    I feel like one of the manufacturing videos mentioned that the body was attached to the frame via adhesive as well to increase rigidity. Pretty sure that would make it even more difficult to separate.
  19. Speedrye

    Broken Suspension on R1T 😫 during PNW Rivian group trip: WA BDR.

    MIght not want to start counting bolts in the comparison based on Munro's teardown. 🤣
  20. Speedrye

    Steering lock

    Excellent question. I use it that way occasionally, but I think that is just a beneficial side-effect of the lock.