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  1. SANZC02

    Crash concerns and insurance rates…

    I am seeing some seemingly miner crashes that appear to be totaling the vehicles. There was one totaled by a dear, another one still waiting for the repair quote from a dear. There was the minor rear corner dent that had a 20k plus repair quote. Then there is this seemingly miner rear end...
  2. SANZC02

    📊 Q3 2022 Rivian Production Stats: 7,363 Built and 6,584 Delivered

    Rivian posted this today. October 3, 2022 Rivian Automotive, Inc. (NASDAQ: RIVN) today announced production totals for the quarter ending September 30, 2022. The company produced 7,363 vehicles at its manufacturing facility in Normal, Illinois and delivered 6,584 vehicles during the same...
  3. SANZC02

    R1S on list of 2023 NACTOY SUV of the year

    To be eligible they have to be available by end of this year
  4. SANZC02

    Nissan getting into the crossover EV market

    Saw this first drive on the Nissan Arita. Not a lot of specs but good views of the vehicle.
  5. SANZC02

    Looks like Rivian is expanding their Irvine footprint.

    This is from the Orange County Business Journal;
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    Auto Mythbusters (Motor Trend TV) battery scenarios compared.

    This show took a Mustang EV to Willow Springs in CA. A hot day in the 90s and did a 5 lap test (7.75 miles) comparing range with AC, with heat, without regen, wireless charging a phone. It was interesting to watch, wireless phone charging usage was surprising. Here are the results of...
  7. SANZC02

    New Information about supply chain (Jan/2022)

    There are a couple of new articles talking about supply chain This one talks about how bad the supply chain was last year. This one is more concerning where China is locking down some key cities trying to contain Omnicro.
  8. SANZC02

    Poll - Did you order an R1T or R1S

    It's been awhile and lots of new members, wanted a simple count of who has an R1T ordered verses the R1S. Don't care about trim or options simply Truck or SUV...
  9. SANZC02

    Normal Plant Satellite Images

    I do not know the date of this image from USGS but is interesting. If anyone has a way to get newer or at least dated images, would like to see what those look like. Any thoughts on what appears to be a large number of staged vehicles? It seems like way too many vehicles to be Rivians, we...
  10. SANZC02

    White House Electric Car Summit (no EV specific representatives)

    Will be interesting to see who is actually in attendance. Seems like a huge miss if Tesla or other EV specific manufacturers are not represented. There would be a lot of real experience that could shed some l ight on EV specific challenges. Great to have GM, Ford and Stellantis there to...
  11. SANZC02

    List of 10 upcoming EVs (excluding trucks)

    R1S came in at number 2 of these 10 listed EV either out now or in the near future. https://www.hotcars.com/coolest-upcoming-evs/ I thought it was an interesting list to share.
  12. SANZC02

    Consumer Group Seeks More Oversight Of Usage-Based Auto Insurance

    Interesting article where a consumer group is looking for much more oversight in the usage based insurance model. Consumer Group Seeks More Oversight Of Usage-Based Auto Insurance | WGLT Will be interesting to see what may come from this and what regulations are wrapped around the data gathered.
  13. SANZC02

    Some of the supply issues....

    Got a blurb from a financial planner [C. Couyoumjian] with some of the recent issues with supply chains. A lot of this has been discussed in several of these threads but this is a pretty good summary. There are numbers at the end of each section that reference data sources. I thought I would...
  14. SANZC02

    Other companies having issues installing chargers

    EVGO is behind on charger installs could invoke huge payment to GM https://electrek.co/2021/05/27/evgo-is-behind-on-charger-installations-for-gm-grounds-for-agreement-termination/
  15. SANZC02

    Pirelli expanding EV SUV line

    Looks like Pirelli is expanding the EV line with Scorpian AS Plus 3 line https://www.tirebusiness.com/news/pirelli-introduces-new-tire-north-american-market
  16. SANZC02

    Rivian Donates $500k for COVID testing.

    More details showing Rivian to be for real. We saw a few months ago they declined a million dollar tax break from Normal, then a couple of weeks ago dropped 500k to the University of Illinois for a lab doing Covid Testing. Kudos to the management team at Rivian...
  17. SANZC02

    COVID reported in Normal....

    Not great news... https://www.pantagraph.com/business/local/dozens-of-covid-cases-affiliated-with-rivian-employees-construction-workers/article_48c427a1-0ba5-5ae3-92c9-a5c105003b07.html