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  1. lostpacket

    Vermonting Vermonters

    I think it was roughly 6-8 weeks if I remember correctly. It was well within the time of the temp registration for me. Although others had it cut closer but I haven't heard of anyone going past the deadline in VT. The one thing I almost missed however was the deadline on getting the truck...
  2. lostpacket

    Got the Tony Email … and a Guide

    Yes but I miss Tony's eloquence
  3. lostpacket

    Tonneau cover issues

    Mine is totally farked. Broke after 3 usages. Mobile service came out and tried to repair it but ending up giving up and removing some slats so it's fully open. No huge deal for me at long as it hopefully gets sorted before winter.
  4. lostpacket

    Vermonting Vermonters

    Did you ever get this worked out?
  5. lostpacket

    Will I be the only Rivian in New England?

    Send me a DM if you'd like to see my truck, I'm not super far from Burlington and need to make a Lowes run soon ish
  6. lostpacket

    December 2022 - January 2023 Delivery Group (June 11 window)

    I think you have to do a bunch of the steps before step 8 opens but I'd suggest asking your guide. It's different for everyone. For me it was fast because my truck was already at the SC, but for others it might be still in Illinois.
  7. lostpacket

    Update 8/16 from IRS: 2022 purchases are eligible under old tax credit

    Probably important to check the definition of binding contract too. I am not sure I am qualified to decipher the nuance here. (all credit to @hiimisaac for finding this) Apparently the non-refundable part of Rivian's binding contract was a "consideration" (maybe someone could post the full...
  8. lostpacket

    So your alignment is bad? Maybe this is why.

    It's right near my VIN too, but I checked those bolts on my truck and they seem fine
  9. lostpacket

    Vermonting Vermonters

    Just got my truck Thursday but that's not super encouraging to hear
  10. lostpacket

    Recommend a sun shade that fits

    Looks great but time to paint some eyes on it
  11. lostpacket

    So your alignment is bad? Maybe this is why.

    So I think someone posted on FB the whole front left wheel came off. And I think it was missing this bolt as well. Brand new truck 98XX VIN. I am not in the FB group but this was shared by @kanundrum on discord:
  12. lostpacket

    Rivian R1T CV axle failure missed by service center

    I think this is similar to what was seen here: https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/so-your-alignment-is-bad-maybe-this-is-why.7371/post-187025 (the specific reply to that ^ thread)
  13. lostpacket

    FOREST GREEN R1T Club & Photos

    Vermont green delivered!
  14. lostpacket

    Will I be the only Rivian in New England?

    Delivery day!