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  1. KingTodd

    What's your guess on when the R1S Shop opens?

    Are you bored or lonely? Of course someone like you is, so why not take a guess on when the R1S shop be open? I'm going to guess April 12, 2023. They likely have so few excess R1S at this point that I think it will take a while to have enough around that they can fill a shop for a specific...
  2. KingTodd

    R1S LA Silver new delivery estimates

    Based on some of the posts I have read, it seems to me that the largest push-back in delivery windows was made for R1S LA Silver orders that were not Launch Editions. If you have a preorder for an R1S LA Silver, can you please list old window, new window, order date, and config below? I am...
  3. KingTodd

    Anyone in the NE get an estimated delivery date yet?

    I see some posts on this site stating that reservation holders should be receiving an estimated delivery date before the end of the year. I missed that announcement from Rivian, but it appears that they are doing this. With that said, have you heard anything? I have a R1S reservation from...